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Thread: Concept Art: Gene Bank Art Progression

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    Concept Art: Gene Bank Art Progression
    Looks like they're not called Plasmi-Quiks anymore.

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    I like the old name better, but on the other hand it kept reminding me of Fallout, so maybe the change is for the best.

    I take it this is still used for Plasmid swapping? Or is it now for the rumored gene tonics?

    There are still plasmids, right?

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    Why'd they change the name? I liked plasmi-quik better. Has more of a ring to it.

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    That's some awesome concept art right there! Too bad they changed the name. I always loved the name plasmiquik. To me it really suits the kind of ultra-capitalist society that Rapture is and matches the vibe I've been getting from the other ads we've seen. No big problem though. I'm sure I'll learn to love this name as well. Renders look awesome. I really love these art progression things!

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    The tube needs more polygons, i hate it when curved surfaces are all sharp like that, if they never move maybe they could use some visual trickery.

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    Quote Originally Posted by a rabid chicken View Post
    I always loved the name plasmiquik. To me it really suits the kind of ultra-capitalist society that Rapture is and matches the vibe I've been getting from the other ads we've seen.
    Bingo. It's like "Vend-O-Mat" or whatever. It had this fitingness with the overall aesthetic that I don't think Gene-Bank has. To be honest, "gene-bank" sounds more like the lame placeholder name you give something before you come up with the far more expressive and interesting PlasmiQuik.

    Mind you, I'm still very miffed that the community as a whole has decided to go with Big Daddy and Little Sister rather than Protector and Gatherer. But then, given the apparent intent to instill in us a feeling of ecology and not-necessarily-antagonist with respect to the Big / Little combo, I can kinda see that nondescript and essentially personality-less names aren't the greatest plan.

    Someone's still going to have to justify the jarring banality of "Splicer" to me, though. Especially given that it's wrapped up in a world of far more creative and inspired fiction than such a Grade 9 English Composition moniker would suggest.

    It puts me in mind of what Gibson probably threw out.

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    Quite simply, that name is terrible and generic. Here's hoping we're not going to witness a slew of creative changes in the last stage of development that cuts the balls off this game.

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    I'm with GBM, Scots_Taffer, and the others. My first thoughts on 'gene-bank' were "Am I meant to make a deposit? How do I set up an account? Can I access my genes throughout Rapture?" My next thought was that it sounds more like the project to store the DNA of every living thing on the planet, than a machine that can answer my every genetic whim.

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    Interesting to see the progression in design again, but I have to agree that Plasmi-Quik was a much better name than Gene Bank.

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    Quote Originally Posted by David View Post
    Interesting to see the progression in design again, but I have to agree that Plasmi-Quik was a much better name than Gene Bank.
    Yeah, goes more with the humour/style of the plasmid posters, gene bank seems a bit too serious, alien

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    Hey 2K, you do realise don't you that you're giving away a whole lot of stuff that you could use to sell a Special Edition that would cost $10 more?

    BTW the name Gene Bank sucks.

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    Perhaps reason for changing the name relates to Ken's comments regarding making the game more 'obvious and accessible' to non-hardcore gamers. Whilst gene-bank isn't as cool a name as plasmi-quik, the name is far more descriptive to someone that has no idea what plasmids are meant to be and how they work in the game.

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    not a terrible name, but man, what a step down. they really took it from something special to something bland. i'm pretty surprised how attached i got to plasmi-quik, it seemed like one of the only solidly credible things we knew about the game world, that there were plasmi-quik machines.

    let the debate over whether or not the renaming of the plasmi-quik is an attempt to consolize, dumb down, and make the game more accesible begin. Or not. Please.

    the first people who mod this game should task themselves with editing plasmi-quiks back in... (there's no smily for an absolutley serious face :P)

    ps aekeron the name doesn't need to be descriptive. it wasn't descriptive to, and if for some reason you couldnt figure out how it works on your own or from audio logs or the ingame training, you won't figure it out by what its called. you probly won't be able to read.
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    I got so attached to it that I bought the domain name. Not that it's in use or anything.

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    I wasn't saying that it was the best decision in the world, just guessing at what might have been the thought process that went into changing the name.

    In regards to not being able to work out what it was, that attitude is all well and good (and one I share to some degree), but I'm guessing from Ken's comments on the podcasts that he's come to the non-so-startling realisation that profits = selling to the 'dumb masses'. And keep in mind that I'm talking about working out what it is before you've even played the game/read all the various websites. If you're some random guy that's in a computer games shop that's not quite so 'into' computer games as us, having something that's immediately familiar probably makes you more likely to buy a game.

    Completely agree that a mod should restore it to it's former glory


    I'm sure the domain name could still be turned it a rocking BioShock fansite though, David

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    I wonder if I could do that.... oh wait

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    Well, I know it's unusual for yourself to be associated with any kind of fan/community site in any way but...

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    My thinking is that they just started walking around the world, taking a critical look at everything while playtesting, and started thinking "you know, there's just a little too much irony in our face here. We don't want it to feel like a farce. Let's tone it down here and there."

    Whenever I watch material cut from movies (like DVD's sometimes carry) I sometimes think, well, that would have been cool why did they cut that out? But then I think about it in terms of the whole movie and I can usually understand why it takes away from the bigger picture. The package comes as a whole and we're just looking at one part.

    Ok ok ... well, anyway, at least we can still call them plasmi-quiks.


    edit: I guess a better reason for doing it is because Gene Bank is supposed to be more self-explanatory about what it actually is. Keep it simple. I don't know. I'm tryign to play God's advocate here.
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    OK IG and 2K:

    You really need to re think this Gene Bank nonsense.

    DNA and gene therapy are terms we hear a lot about today and in the recent past. Recent past as in ninety's, not late fifty's.

    This is one item in BioShock which you could let us at TLLG and at 2K forums have a say about.

    Post a poll. Which would we the future players of BioShock prefer
    Gene Bank or Plasmi-Quik? This way you'll know the route we the players prefer you take.


    I got so attached to it that I bought the domain name.
    Dave, your just full of surprises.

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    I'm in the "plasma-quick" is a much better name than "gene-bank" crowd too

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    Hmmm.. maybe a bad decision, but I guess it doesn't make a lot of difference -it's not like they changed it's name to the supersize-phallomatic or whatever it was themanysingtheblues wanted, but it does give off a very mild whiff of the 'deadly shadows' pong.

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    I prefer the plami-quik as well. Gene bank sounds too modern, like Adam Nuhfer said.

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    Someone up this thread posted that this game is not farce and I completely agree. To me 'plasmi-quick' would insinuate that one of the most important parts of the game is an afterthought, you know because its quick...

    Plus, it looks like there will be plenty of vend-o-mats and clown-o-matic cigarette dispensers throughout the world to fill everyones need for 50's 'authenticity'.

    Gene Bank sounds a bit more serious. Sounds like something where I would want to go to spend my hard earned Adam, a place where I will have to make a decision, not run up for a quickie.

    P.S. Rapture is not a circus, or at least I hope it's not.

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    I think both names are ready for improvement. Just some thoughts, but what about a 'plasmid dispenser' or the 'plasmid-o-matic'? More or better ideas anyone?

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    It depends on who's running them: if it's whatever passes for Government on Rapture, then a staid name makes sense (it's still horrid, but at least it makes sense). If this is one of Fontaine's devices, however, then a more marketable name like 'Plasmi-Quik' would be perfectly understandable, even though some might call it silly.

    As for a poll, there's one right here.

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