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Thread: My thoughts on the sexual harassment convo

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    My thoughts on the sexual harassment convo

    I was thinking about the sexual harassment episode which occurs towards the end of Part 1 when the main character exits the building and one of the guards decides that since the main character can't shoot him he should sexually harass her.

    I didn't really feel like the main character's dialogue, in which she basically complains, was in character for somebody who is an experienced mercenary.

    I figure that somebody who already knows how to keep cool in the face of people trying to kill her (which is much more impunging to a person's ego than someone merely saying nasty stuff to him or her) probably wouldn't care too much about the cliched porn-video-derived ramblings of the gate guard. It would even be one thing if the gate guard said something which was both menacing and original, because that would have suggested that the person was more committed to doing what he was talking about. But, when he just says cliched things about oral sex or money shots, it seems much more likely that he's just idly running his mouth and therefore, as someone who can stomach death and mangling on a typical basis, the main character probably shouldn't care.

    It's kind of like the difference between someone going up to you and saying, "I'm gonna kill you and skullfuck you!", which is a cliche, and someone saying very specific like, "When you get home from work tomorrow at 5:45 I'm going to be waiting behind that clump of bushes over there and I will attempt to neatly put a single hollow pointed .45 round in your right temple."

    I feel like if I were controlling the main character's dialogue at that point, I'd just make her say, "So you just sit around at home alone every night watching porn?", and walk out without waiting for a response.

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    Yeah, they'll get right on that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZylonBane View Post
    Yeah, they'll get right on that.

    If you go ahead and re-read the post you'll notice I'm not telling them to change the dialogue. I'm giving my thoughts and interpretations based on my own opinion. Sometimes, people like to think about what they've read.

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    In case you ever pop back, ignore Zylon. He's just a big meanie.

    Point taken on this one actually. Years since I did the thinking on that exchange, but a *very cold* threat would have been an interesting one to play with. In terms of Charlotte's stronger reaction comes from the fact it's a new job and - as she eventually complains to Nick - this is *exactly* what he promised wouldn't happen.

    (And, of course, the cooler rather than a hot threat would still lead to the all-important reveal of our version of the killswitch)

    I'm not sure I'd have ever had gone back and tweaked the earlier episode - we knew THAT way lead madness. But it's certainly something we may have written a response to later - as in Charlotte in "Why did I lose my cool?" conversation? Honour your mistake as your hidden intention, as a wise man once said.

    Of course, it's all hypothetical now, innit?


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    sure it is. unless, of course, you decide to pick up where you left off. just sayin'. :]

    have you guys been working on any mods lately? do you keep in contact with each other? i'm rather surprised to see any one of the team members still watches this forum, actually.

    and for you and always black specifically (since there was evidence of you two existing beyond TCP-- you with yr various blogs and "new games journalism" and whatnot, and AB with his website and dissection of the mod that he was working on after TCP) -- what did The Cassandra Project teach you about modding or game development and how did it affect your ambitions regarding such?
    of course, this question would go out to any of the other team members if i thought any of you would still be reading this. i ask because as mods go, The Cassandra Project is singularly unique. hell, even as games go. it's still the "best mission briefing in gaming history" (yeah i whipped out that old chestnut)

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    We're in sporadic contact, though thinking about it, I haven't actually talked to AB for a while.

    Last I saw, AB's programming and construction urges were being tickled by his Library in Second Life. It was actually pretty nifty. He hasn't updated his Unreal 2 mod he was working on, so I presume that's resting.

    Dunno about the other guys. 58 and I had a bit of a falling out on a webforum, and I haven't talked since directly. Haven't heard from Col since he moved to Bath, ironically enough. I occasionally chat to Tim (Dungard) on MSN, but not for a while - he was working on something big and doctratey and gamey.

    (Tim, of all Cassandra, is the one I wouldn't be surprised in actually eventually doing something mindblowing, possibly even inside the traditional industry)

    (Probably the Cass person I talk to most is Mark, whose levels were never actually in the game proper. I see Eperdu - another burn out - occasionally on Rllmuk.)

    In terms of me and games... well, if I were to do another mod or an indie game, I suspect it'd be something more towards the pure mechanism end of the spectrum. Since I'm getting comics published, the majority of the narrative part of my mind goes there*, leaving the stuff I'd be interested in doing in games being about interaction - and mostly strategy-level non-direct interaction. I did some casual programming in Blitz Basic, making some simple management games for my own amusement last year. And there's always the possibility of me doing some game script writing in a work for hire basis. Did it once, which was fun, and occasionally people talk to me about it. It's not something I actively pursue, however.

    That means if anyone's reading this and has money, for God's sake, mail me. I want your money.

    (And thanks for the compliments again. As a team, we were very much wanted to be the Best at something. Best Briefing Sequence Ever fits THAT hubristic desire perfectly)


    *Actually, I kind of pitched a story to an editor recently about a slightly-altered version of Jo from Cassandra. Which would be funny if it ever happened...

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