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Thread: The Dark Engineering Guild

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    The Dark Engineering Guild

    Hi guys and girli,
    I have one question?
    Do you think that Avalon,Fett,Raen and TDEG making something new or they take a rest from Dromed editing?Itīs now almost 2 years now from the day has come(beta version).

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    We recently released a patch (T2X v1.1) which is the final version. We have no plans on working on any other thief projects. We've all moved on to different games / projects / stuff (not as DEG though).

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    Projects like... ?

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    Project like....THIEF

    Ok, i just ask.
    I mean you guys donīt working on Dromed anymore?I mean 5 years is lot of time,i think when i working 5 years on dromed i need some rest to take a breath.Ok guys thanx and have a nice day.

    (maybe you make something in Future).....

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    I haven't touched DromEd since the release, but I still play FM's like crazy. I've started back to college and had another kid since the release (that makes 2), so I'm pretty busy. I don't plan on being involved in any other Thief related projects (unless someone wants me to write a movie treatment ), but I am looking very forward to playing the Dark Mod and the Imperium project.

    As for the Dark Engineering Guild, I mainly miss the group hugs.

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    I have no plans to return to dromed. I'm looking forward to playing T2X all the way through though (I've only played my bits and beta tested parts of the other missions)

    I've made part of a HL2 single player mod
    Snarkpit WIP
    but it's a work in progress and I haven't got the time to carry on with it (My son was 5 weeks old yesterday!)

    I also have a site up with some freeware programs for download (
    and currently have a poker program and Windows text file hacking utility in production.

    I look forward to Bioshock and Thief 4...

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    I just wanna thank you guys for making me crazy for THIEF playing.
    Thief2x is the best for ever

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