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Thread: Q&A 3

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    Q&A 3

    A new Q&A is up. I bothered to make a new thread about it because some of the questions I sent in ages back are finally asked Kudos to Elizabeth and Ken We do learn something new, about there being ghosts which I don't think has been mentioned anywhere else before.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cult of Rapture site
    Many people are worrying about the differences in controls and interface between the PC and 360 version of this game. How are you adapting the PC version to help make a gamer who enjoys shooters on PC feel at home with this game?

    We have two separate teams working to make each set of gamers feel at home in BioShock no matter what sku they play. Remember our last game was a PC shooter. We’re customizing the controls and HUD for each version.
    Fuck yes!

    edit: sku?!?
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    Stock Keeping Unit.

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    What David said. More specifically, from TechWeb: (Stock Keeping Unit) The number of one specific product available for sale. If a hardware device or software package comes in different versions, there is an SKU for each one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CoR
    What other kinds of storytelling will you be using in BioShock, other than audio logs?
    There’s about a zillion ways we tell the story of Rapture. The first, most important way is what you see. The rule was that every AI should tell a story. Even the dead are communicating a piece of the Rapture puzzle. For instance, a player might come into a bedroom and there are the corpses of a couple in a final embrace. They have the photo of young woman between them, and there are several bottles of pills on the nightstand. That’s a story.

    Diaries are found everywhere in Rapture that might tell you about places in the city you’ve haven’t even seen yet. You might encounter a ghost like resonance of a victim, playing out their final moments of life. You might encounter desperate survivors, wheeling and dealing with you for one last chance to make it out of the city.

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    Do you worry that some new implementations in the game that are taking shooter to the next level will be unrecognized, or disliked, by gamers? There are different systems being talked about that “hardcore” gamers are claiming they will want to turn off.

    BioShock is gamer driven, not designer driven. Players have the choice to turn these systems off.
    That was an oddly oblique way to address the controversial adaptive difficulty issue. But I read this as good news.

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