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Thread: New Podcast: The Evolution Of BioShock

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    New Podcast: The Evolution Of BioShock

    Ken is back with Eric and me to talk about the evoltuion of BioShock over the years, from when it was but a gleam in his eye. He talks about the different iterations of the game, and the hurdles he encountered while developing the game.
    Download. (17:58)

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    That was quite interesting, though really Ken didn't get into the evolution of the story all that much. I can see how he'd think it not that relevant as his focus in the early stages is on the gameplay, after the crystalisation of which the story only starts developing properly. Which makes perfect sense and also reflects their experience - I'm sure they've had situations in that past where they had to cut something they really liked or spent a lot of time and resources on just because it was no longer working with the gameplay or whatever.

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    Interesting listen as usual,thanks OP for the heads up on it.

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    thanks a lot for this, i will listen to it when I get home.

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    I dont have an Ipod I dont think I can use this...oh wait thats right its just an mp3 file nm.

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    Hey great find. I'd definitely like to see more of these put out. Thanks for taking the time, Irrational!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BEAR View Post
    I dont have an Ipod I dont think I can use this...oh wait thats right its just an mp3 file nm.
    Yeah, sometimes people forget that the word "podcast" doesn't actually mean anything.

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