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Thread: toggle crouch

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    toggle crouch

    Does anyone know how to make crouching a toggle setting? Same would be nice for sneaking because I'm getting a cramp here when I try to simultaneously sneak, crouch, lean and walk forward. Not even talking of switching to another combo from this. Toggling some of this would help a lot.

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    I learned that one can one can bind cvars to toggle keys like this (console):
    bindtoggle F cl_showfps 2
    But that doesn't work with "+duck", the command for crouching, as it isn't a command line variable.

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    For god's sake, just learn to swing your sword like a man.

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    You can use an alias instead, which is a way to string several commands together in a single 'unit'. Here's an example which should be self-explanatory:

    alias crouchon "+duck; bind F crouchoff"
    alias crouchoff "-duck; bind F crouchon"
    bind F crouchon

    Of course, if you change the binding from F to another key then you need to change all three instances.

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