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Thread: T2 FM: Lord Alan's Factory (10 May 2007)

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    Registered: Mar 2007
    Location: Florida, Iceland in the summer

    Is anybody else having problems going down ladders

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    Registered: Jun 2000
    Location: Land of enchantment
    I have only had a slight problem with one ladder in particular. I'll not say which one. Most ladders you can go over the top and down the other side with ease. The one I mentioned, you have get on it and then climb around it horizontally to the opposite side. That is always a good trick if going over the top causes you to fall.

    Your results may depend on a setting in the Options / Game Setting. I have mine set to Attach - Jump. So I just go up to a ladder, jump, and I am on it immediately. Then, in most cases, I can go up and over the top, even if it is a short ways up.

    Another thing I do is to always go down a ladder facing out, away from the wall. The view is more impressive that way. And I can see what I am getting into before I arrive.

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    Registered: Mar 2007
    Location: Florida, Iceland in the summer

    Thank you I had the attach-jump but tryed it the other way and it worked better on this ladder. i always go down facing out, better wiew and I see what is down there

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    Location: Toronto
    Lord Alan's property taxes must be through the roof!

    Many thanks for all your missions. I have lots of fond memories and now more to come.

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    Location: NeoTokyo
    One word: epic.
    The scale of this is really something.

    My question: I can't find the key to Harcant's office (1177), and I'm there now. I thought it would be in Lord Alan's office, but I didn't find it there.

    Edit: Ok, I double checked and found a lead about what to do in the office in the Turbine Area (because the path forks it's easy to reach Harcant's office before you reach the Turbine area, which is what I did ... but the trusty automap let me know to go there).. I'm definitely on the right track now.
    I'll leave the question and answer, though, just in case someone else has this question.
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    Location: Land of enchantment

    Not sure how much help you want or need. Finding what you are missing is the key to the mission, and discovering it is one of the most rewarding parts. I would say, first, that all the information you seek is found in readables so pay close attention to them. Second, I'll give you a little hint and come back tomorrow with more detail if you need it.
    The key to Harcant's office is, according to a note, found with Harcant. The tricky part is to locate Harcant.
    There are clues for that, as well, but it is not easy.

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    Has been circled and posted here. It is effectively the same thing, but I'm trying to link files from pages rather than directly.

    [edit]Updated the links - had to actually move the site because of the amount of bandwidth being used up...
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    Location: Siberia, Russia
    It's LARGE FM Cool.
    Only size of the miss file 35 Mb.
    Limits of the DromEd? You Master, Andrea!

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    Registered: May 2001
    Location: Italy
    Finally it comes out,
    All my compliments to Lord Alan
    I'm his proud Italian friend.
    I think he done, as usual, an incredible job

    p.s. sadly i can't download it by now 70mb.... it too huge for me... may be in few weeks i will solve those absurd internet problems that i've got for 3 long years !

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    Location: Praga, capvt regni
    Congratulations to Lord Alan for finally releasing this behemoth. I hope everyone enjoys this awesome FM, just as I did.

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    Registered: Mar 2007
    Location: Florida, Iceland in the summer

    Now I am completely lost. I think I have been everywhere except top floor, canīt find the key to middle elevator and to Harcantīs office. Can anybody help here???

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    Registered: Jun 2002
    Location: Oz Mate....

    crash to desktop

    I keep crashing to the desktop with this one
    Each time I click on "Play Factory" my puter crashes to the desktop.
    Im using win2k and all other missions except for the earlier versions of dracula pt4 work fine.

    Ok so i went back and opened up the "MISSFLAG.str" file and added the no briefing line and it works fine now.
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    Location: did that shadow move?
    @ kittycat

    explore the earth

    and Lord Alan. .......again.... unbelievable architecture and story

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    Registered: May 2004

    Need help with water room

    OK I am at the start where I fell through the bridge and am in a huge water room....but I donot know where a ladder is located?(or if there IS one) I have looked underwater and the top of the water, but I cannot see an exit.

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    Location: did that shadow move?
    @ webe 123:

    an arrow may guide thee, a ladder may not

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    Registered: Jul 2002
    Location: The Netherlands
    I finished with 4225 loot, 6 out of 7 secrets and three missed new objectives

    I thought I'd explored nearly everywhere... guess not.

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    Registered: Jun 2000
    Location: Land of enchantment

    temporary fix for crash


    This crash problem was observed by Nightwalker in testing. None of the rest of the testers could reproduce it. The cause is a mystery to us. You found a good fix. Another fix is to move the movie files (AVI's) to another folder and play them separately.

    It would be interesting to know how Sensuit fixed Dracula part 4.

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    Registered: Jan 2003
    Location: NeoTokyo

    Finished! This one is definitely an instant classic.

    I think, as far as factories go, this one blows Soulforge out of the water. Fantastic job, Lord Alan!

    (Thanks for the bit of help smithpd, although I managed to find my way before I even saw it ... but thanks, anyway.)

    A few interesting tidbits. I managed to trigger 4 optional objectives right at the same time, by the Administrative stairs. I thought something really big had happened and I got excited, but it just turned out to be a coincidental series of the optional things coming together.

    Happy to see that Lord Alan's penchant for the mystical/ supernatural is in this FM. I don't care if it is a bit cliche, he really brought it to life here.

    What does anyone think the best view was?
    I was standing on the catwalk by the turbines when I just stopped and watched them all spinning in unison and was suddenly struck ... damn this is gorgeous.

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    Registered: Aug 2006
    Location: France (Saint-Gobain)

    Great mission

    This is the biggest factory i ever been , and full of new objects that completes the architecture, in my opinion Andrea is one of the best dromed artists , just one problem on this fm, the gamespeed is somehow a little bit slow, specially wheni look to those machines working or when i look above to high distances, does this happens to anyone else

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    Registered: Jul 2003
    My first impressions of this FM: WOW!

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    Registered: Mar 2007
    Location: Florida, Iceland in the summer

    I found the 2 things I was looking for right after the posting. Isn't that typical
    But now I have everything except a clue for the code. What is or where do I find what the letters stand for, witch button???uurd, rrud etc.

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    Registered: Jan 2003
    Location: NeoTokyo
    @cardia1, yes it slowed down often for me, too. There is just so much going on, long lines-of-sight, lots of objects, all sorts of things that pull down on the FPS's (I'm thinking), esp for older systems. Restarting my computer and turning off non-essential programs from the task-window helped me a little. It's just part of the beast, so to speak. I think it's worth the cost, esp since I know I'll get a faster computer some day; I'll want to play this again to take in the eye-candy better.

    @kittykat, this may be one of those things so easy it's hard, esp if you are looking right at the buttons, the answer should really strike you, but if it isn't, the meanings are - u: up, d: down, l: left, r: right, so uudr = press "up, up, down, right" in that order.

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    Registered: Nov 2003
    Location: Sheffield, UK
    aw kewl DL'ing now

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    Registered: Jul 2003
    Location: some things never change
    I'm very impressed by this mission. Architecture, story and music fit perfectly together and give the player a unique feeling. The Factory is beautiful and frightening at the same time in it's cold and unhuman perfection.

    So, thank you for this great mission!

    edit: I'll replay it soon on a higher difficulty - still so many things to find (not to mention all the loot!)

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    Registered: Sep 2003
    Location: some little town in Poland
    Quote Originally Posted by Vipercat View Post
    I keep crashing to the desktop ... Ok so i went back and opened up the "MISSFLAG.str" file and added the no briefing line and it works fine now.
    My "missflag" looks like this:
    // Valid mission flags
    // skip This mission doesn't exist; it should be skipped.
    // no_briefing Skip the briefing movie
    // no_loadout Skip the loadout
    // cutscene Play a cutscene immediately afterward
    // end End the game when this mission is completed
    and so on...
    What should I change? Be precise, please. I removed slashes before "no_briefing..." but it doesn't work. Other fanmissions work perfectly, I'm familiar with all the thief technical problems

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