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Thread: New video in spanish magazine

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    New video in spanish magazine

    This morning I bought here in Spain a PC magazine called Micromania and apart from including a report on Bioshock which I havenīt read yet, also has a dvd with a Bioshock video (apart from others).

    The video is about 7 minutes long, totally in-game, great quality and it is absolutely amazing; graphics and sound are incredible, it is 90% action and combat and really worth watching.

    I have searched the web to see if the video was already available elsewhere but I havenīt found it so I guess it is an exclusive for the magazine.

    It weights 358 mb, I could upload it somewhere for you to see it but I donīt know if this is allowed or not here. If it is, someone tell me and I can upload it to yousendit or some other hosting site.

    This game is gonna be awesome, men. Hereīs some screen captures that I took though they do not really make it justice, you have to see the video to really appreciate the quality. The smoke effects, water, fire, explosions etc are stunning. By the way, I thought big daddies would move very slowly but they are really fast, it is going to be a nightmare to kill those things!

    By far the best Bioshock video I have seen so far!. Hereīs the screen grabs...

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    Aw don't show me this on the day that all my hopes of playing bioshock are destroyed!!!

    Looks really intense

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    Of course it's allowed, why wouldn't it be? Get uploading on the double!

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    Hoooolllyyy... Second shot is breathtaking!

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    Don't listen to any of us on what you can post for something like that. Since it at least implicates the site policy on stuff like this, you really should let an Admin (Gingerbread Man, David) tell you what you can do, so it's an official answer, and then you won't have to worry whether it's right or not; you'll know. Give them a private mail to ask.

    But anyway, yeah, intense screenshots there. The flooding looks very impressive and could lead to some very interesting gameplay. If you get the green light to post it, plenty of people will be very happy to see it, including me.
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    thanks demagogue, that is exactly what I was thinking!

    Can some admin confirm that I can upload the video? i really want all you people to see it (if you like the screenshots, youīll love it when you see it in motion!!) but I dont want to annoy anyone from the site or the people at Irrational, they all have been very nice giving us first-hand info about the game so I prefer to know that everything is right before doing anything.

    PS: I just want to add that the video is kinda similar to the one with the german narrator that you can watch on youtube, only that this one has completely different footage and is of much better quality and it shows some very cool and interesting things.
    I am telling you this because I donīt want people to have enormous expectations about it; in my opinion the video is really spectacular but for others it might simply be one more Bioshock video, If you get my meaning!
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    Upload it now!

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    Ok, i got the permission from the admins so here It goes, I uploaded the video as it is, no compression or anything so that you all can watch it in its full glory.

    Hope you like it!!

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    Thanks for uploading it!

    For anyone who downloads it, it's best to right-click the 'Click here to download' button as otherwise it's likely to try and stream it in your browser, or Windows Media Player and that's just terrible

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    Thanks a lot gonzax! Unfortunately, megaupload never works for me because of the country I'm in, so could someone please upload it somewhere else?

    nm, getting it now.
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    That second screenshot is amazing

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    Quote Originally Posted by van HellSing View Post
    Of course it's allowed, why wouldn't it be? Get uploading on the double!

    Here Here..... ! ASAP !! thanks

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    Awesome. I just saw it, and I'll keep my comments spoilered, just in case.
    The crashing plane was awesome, although it does look like the corridor won't ever flood completely until you leave and come back.
    Also, whoa. I didn't expect big daddies to dash. That's... improbable, but then so is the entire premise. He's probably got a plasmid for that.
    Still a bit disappointed about the "no killing the girls" thing though, as that movie showed very clearly when you set the big daddy with a girl on his back on fire. The diving suit somehow is able to burn with large yellow flames, but the exposed flesh and cotton skirt remain unharmed. Still, the other awesome bits help take the pain away a bit.

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    That's one thing I've never understood.

    Why is it that the Big Daddies are flammable? They're in giant metal suits.
    Never really made any sense to me at all and seems a bit too silly.

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    It would make sense if you had some sort of Napalm plasmid, but yeah, otherwise it seems rather strange.

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    Irrational Games
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    Quote Originally Posted by flexbuster View Post
    That's one thing I've never understood.

    Why is it that the Big Daddies are flammable? They're in giant metal suits.
    Never really made any sense to me at all and seems a bit too silly.
    a) the suits are not all metal, you can see there's a bunch of cloth there
    b) umm, do you seriously you COULDN'T light the Big Daddys on fire? if so, you're a very different man than me.

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    Ken's right. Setting things on fire is just plain old cool.

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    Here we see the corporate influence on Irrational. Someone upstairs has said "Ken, you're all out of wishes". He can't even type the word anymore.

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    Thanks for the video! I'll dl it in a little bit here.

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    Would be nice to have a vid that doesn't leave the impression that AI's under powered weapons wise.Noted a lot of wrenches.Maybe this is from the beginning.

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    Just finished watching it a few times. The game looks absolutely fantastic. A few things of note...

    1. The Little Sisters sound a lot like Lisa Simpson now for some reason, both figuratively and literally, instead of the sick little kids they were before. Figuratively in that they have the inflection of an adult and one would think it was an adult woman with a high pitched voice if you weren't looking at what was talking to you. The voice we heard before in earlier videos with the Little Sisters was much better, both in terms of being realistic and also being a lot more creepy.

    Another thing I noticed is that she seems a lot more aggressive than before. If I was a six year old, I'd be crying and trying to find cover to keep from getting found or hurt (invulnerable as they are in the game or not). I wouldn't be egging on my protector with abject confidence that I was completely safe. The role of the Little Sister is much better served as a helpless, scared character, not something aggresive and mean. Listening to her as she is now reminded me of the ringside "talent" at a WWE wrestling match cheering on their chosen companion. I've never, ever heard a six year old girl talk like that.

    More than taking away from how they're supposed to be perceived, now they're just flat out annoying to me. It's hard to feel sympathetic towards something that annoys you in a video game (or anything for that matter).

    2. The game looks very fast paced. That's not necessarily a bad thing every now and then, but I really hope it's not overused as it takes away from the appreciation of the environment around you, and greatly decreases the level of tension you should feel in these types of games. I'm hoping for something more along the lines of what we saw in the Hunting the Big Daddy video. It was paced excellently. Gunfights certainly look to be a lot of fun.

    3. Struck me as odd that killing an enemy with a headshot still results in them talking or screaming for a few seconds, despite no longer having a brain to use. Seeing the nurse's hat and splicer's mask get shot off was awesome.

    4. I'm curious as to why the Little Sister would hop onto the melee Big Daddy for protection, since he actually dashes into you for an attack and would therefore expose herself much more if he were to miss. It makes sense for the one with the gun since he's more stationary and can therefore offer better protection.
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    Finally a trailer that really gives us a sense of what the gameplay in Bioshock is like. Virtually all the other trailers have merely been teasers.

    Overall, I really like what I see. The water effects are very impressive when they flood that tunnel. The fact that the hypos look almost exactly the same as they did in SS2 is a nice touch. The weapon handling and reloading looks very realistic. And the fact that the player's vision and hearing are temporarily affected by injury is also a nice addition.

    I agree with Fygee and the points he makes, though. One of the first things that stuck out like a sore thumb while I was watching it, was the Little Sister's voice. What happened? She sounds exactly like what she is, an adult woman trying to pass herself off as a child. Somehow, I'm hoping those are temp voice segments. (When I know they're likely not.) The voice work in the E3 demo video was far, far better. It sounded like an actual little girl was doing the voice, and she deftly created the impression that she was sick as well.

    I'll have watch it a few more times and absorb it all, before I can comment any more. But the Little Sister's voice definitely struck a nerve. (First comes the news that Little Sisters are invulnerable, now one of them doesn't even sound right . . . sheesh. All IMHO, of course.)

    EDIT: Oh yeah, I knew I forgot something.

    I noticed that the player character's wrists have tattoos on them. They look like chain links. Wonder what they're supposed to represent, exactly. Is the PC a prisoner who was being transported and escaped thanks to the plane crash, perhaps?
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    Could someone please please please put it up for download somewhere else. I downloaded like 97% of it then accidentally closed it, so the site won't let me download anything more now! Someone help!

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    sick screenshots..hurry up irrational..i want it NOW!!

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