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Thread: Thief Gold-campaign from Zontik: GOLDEN BOOK released May 30, 2007

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    Registered: Oct 2012
    This should work..but dml's only work if you restart the mission from the beginning.

    We're working through all the T2 missions atm, won't get to fix all the TG mission for a couple of years yet, are there any other keys that disappear?

    DML1//Golden Book mission 2: Bug fix for forge key//miss21.mis.dml
    -ObjProp 448 "FrobInfo"    
    +ObjProp 448 "FrobInfo"           
        "World Action" Move
        "Inv Action" None
        "Tool Action" Script, Deselect
    +ObjProp 448 "SlayResult"         
        "Effect" Destroy

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    Location: Alberta, Canada
    I haven't seen any other keys that vanish early yet - I'm still diligently searching "Extinguish" for the ridiculously hidden buttons and switches. No errant keys discovered yet.

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    Location: West Seattle
    Currently struggling with mission 2 (Clockwise):
    The mansion is brightly lit so this one is challenging already, but I don't usually ghost except for the patrols of certain enemies (zombies, mech spiders, etc). forcing a ghost in bright conditions is cruel!
    I've gotten down to the armory and over to the library, then up to the garden walkway and banquet roombut I'm not sure where I'm supposed to go next. There are a lot of locked doors I can't open
    anyone have hints?

    skimmed back and found the walk-throughs. Glad I did, I never would have figured this out on my own

    PS: I've also had several keys disappear, luckily I could reload to recover them
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    Registered: May 2003
    Location: West Seattle
    mission 3: Extinguisher
    I feel like I've been everywhere I can get to in the suburbs and sewers without a key or another pick (I do have a screwdriver, but can't find a place to use it).
    I did get the objective to find Athropos but don't know where further to look. Getting it was weird, the Keeper was in the water near the treatment center and I only found him by chance.
    big thanks to Zontik for replying to my PM: I hadn't explored the house across from the library thoroughly enough after getting stuck on a door (that "rotate around a point" kind of stuck).
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    Still stuck on mission 1. Looked around out the window on second floor on the north side to find a switch on the outside wall to open a secret door but I could not see any switch. All the other windows are too small and cannot look outside.

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    Registered: Oct 2012
    Are you in the right room? Locked SE bedroom, upper level, there's only 1 window in that room. Lever is easy to miss though. Screenie

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    With English subtitles.

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    The last mission has been giving me this issue where duplicate loot will spawn and erase all of my inventory.

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    That sounds like you have a problem with your thief instal, probably best to replay with a clean instal.

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    English subtitles.

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