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Thread: TDS: Creature Clash 3 v3 finally released

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    TDS: Creature Clash 3 v3 finally released

    I have stalled posting this long enough. Version 3 of Creature Clash 3 can be downloaded from my site. There are no new updates to the actual level. However, it has been translated to Italian by Krenim and to German by Beleg Cúthalion.

    From what I undertand, thiefmissions isn't being updated, atleast for now. Since I don't know where I should send my mission these days and since mbnet decided to give its members an extra 50mb of webspace, I'm currently hosting it on my site. Let me know here if you have it mirrored somewhere, so I may someday free the space to something more important.

    As of right now, my Thief 3 editing days are over.

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    Cool mission. I have never succeeded to complete all objectives. But it's interesting for testing how much damage every creature does and how much life it has. I will post some funny screenshots shortly.

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    That last one is hilarious! All that and not a spot of blood on his clothes.
    If at first you don't succeed...reload and try again!

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    Nice screens, pwyll

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    Quote Originally Posted by HauntHunter View Post
    That last one is hilarious! All that and not a spot of blood on his clothes.

    Maybe this mission hasn't objectives? It was one of the first I played, at the time...

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    It has objectives, it was just one of those missions with only lang_english brackets filled in and no final response from the author when I annoyed them with my translated *.sch files (which would have included at least English text for the French and Italian tags). You can get a set of these here.

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    A week ago I managed to complete two objectives at once. I think they were: "Make sure Keepers win the tournament" and "Make sure Kurshok win the tournament". However, I forgot how I did it. It was an accident.

    Btw, I am glad that you liked the screenshots.

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