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Thread: Gamebanshee BioShock interview

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    Gamebanshee BioShock interview

    Interesting interview with Nate Wells, here's few quotes:
    we’re polishing-off the PC version and getting the non-english versions of the game ready to go. It’s a hectic time, but all indications are that we are right on track for August.
    There are a huge number of items to collect from the world of Rapture. However, we only present this information when it is relevant to the player. For example,
    when the player goes to a “U-Invent-It!” crafting-station, it is then that they see all the components they have that are relevant to what they’re trying to do right then
    weapons and plasmids are accessed on-the-fly from rotary selection interfaces (in the 360 version, the pc version has a custom interface)

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    Nice interview, had some good tidbits.

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    reassuring that they are on the right track. now august can't be here quick enough.

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    I'm hoping for two things :
    - That the PC tweaking & enhancement won't delay it's release
    - That the localisation is limited to texts translation. Because it could delay the release and I don't want the crappy voice acting - too often - done here in France. (Well, SS1 and Thief were the best I've heard so far, but original versions are all I need !)

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    Custom interface? What does that mean? That it's moddable or that we basically have to sort it out ourselves?

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