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Thread: Dark Messiah Of Might And Magic

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    Dark Messiah Of Might And Magic

    1st sorry for my english, but i got to share some impressions of Dark Messiah Of Might And Magic with you, so here we go:

    - dark messiah of might and magic feels like playing thief
    - its in first-person shooter (not like in thief3)
    - you can use rope arrows, like in good old times, not that crappy gloves which are used in thief 3
    - you can swim through water (which you cant in thief3!)
    - you can hide in the shadows
    - you can sneak
    - you can earn skillpoints, which can be used for different skills (remember that you cant learn new things in the thief series!)

    - you can use a few funny weapons and spells, way more than in thief
    - the graphic details and the animations are incredible
    - and for me the most important point is, that you can play it in multiplayer mode!
    if you got a high-end computer i recomment you to play it!!!

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    First off, excellent job on your English- I wouldn't have known you're not a native speaker.

    I feel that Dark Messiah and Thief are very, very different. Obviously, Dark Messiah's one of the prettiest, most detailed games I've ever played, and its combat system is superb. However, I (obviously) don't play Thieves I and II for their graphics or their combat. Some of the best aspects of Thief are its stealth system and its AI, both of which, I feel, are lacking in DM. I've never been surprised by anything the AI did in Dark Messiah, and I've certainly never been frightened. Fact is, if you're sneaking around in DM and you get caught, you can slash your enemy into oblivion without getting a scratch. If you get caught in Thief, you're a little screwed, which adds an element of tension and fear I don't think DM has.

    That said, DM really is an excellent game, and if one enjoys Medieval 3d-'shooters,' DM is probably the best in the market.

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    yea, i totally agree with you, the stealth system in DM is definitely not able to touch the ones in Thief. i also think, playing DM was too easy..
    when i played DM first time, it was clear to me, that i have to tell the thief-community about it.. i just thought people like playing thief, would like playing DM too. just a little suggestion for them.. now i found a few posts in the news, that show me, this community already knows about DM..
    my enthusiasm mainly applies to the DM FMs.. i think there will be some in future.. but i hope, the DM FMs will be much more difficult than the OMs.. limited weapons, stronger AI, better atmosphere (sounds & music and enemies out of Thief1-2!)

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