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View Poll Results: Do you want thief 4?

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  • Yes, a sequell with garrett again

    92 35.66%
  • Yes, a sequel with "you-know-who at the end of T3"

    19 7.36%
  • Yes, a prequel with garrett

    36 13.95%
  • Yes, but i don't care who's the main character or if its a prequel/sequel

    29 11.24%
  • Maybe, depends on who is developing the game

    52 20.16%
  • No, the series is at its end and we have enough FM's

    30 11.63%
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Thread: Do you want thief 4?

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    So, nothing more than what was displayed at the last Open House? Are people even pushing for confirmation, like even a wink?

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    Nothing more..
    Wait what.. thug? Modern?

    I can see their offices from my place... If it's true, it's sniping time.

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    Haha! Welcome to ThiefGen!

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    Thief is about Garrett, about The City, about those factions involved, about robbing mansions and more. I cannot see how a modern thief can replace Garrett. I wonder what will he use instead of bow and arrows. MAC-10? No shadows to walk in, just well planned power cut-off? I really don't want a game like Splinter Cell with thief name on it. There are never ending stories about Garrett that are yet to be told. Part is our job to tell them by FM's and part in the next Thief games. Anyway , no mater what, we still have 3 wonderful Thief games that left a mark in our lives. Hope there will be more.

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    This may be nothing but since I just came across it during my lunch time browsing...

    This blogger claims to be a developer who worked on Deus Ex 3 for a while this year. In an off-handed way he mentions that he was also hoping to get to work on the Thief project while he was there.

    This isn't a terribly exciting post and I have no idea if he is legit, but scanning through the rest of the blog he doesn't seem like some kind of poser putting on airs or anything. *shrug*

    Here's his MobyGames profile:,48989/

    Nothing that would imply an association with Thief or Deus Ex. He seems to be a freelance game artist.

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    That's interesting. He seems to be having a tough time of it.

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    Oh, cool. Thanks for this nice piece of info.

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    I chose "Maybe, depends on who is developing the game".

    But, to be honest, I would love if the fourth Thief would be either :

    1. the story of the little urchin girl from the end of TDS (the new master thief and protagonist) and Garrett (as her aging mentor and father-like figure)

    2. "Thief : Modern"... BUT ! Like this...

    In the meantime : (Not mine...)

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    No! Only if LGS is coming back! Anything else will be rubbish!

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    Gloomwood is about the closest we'll get, I'm afraid.

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    The Necromancer
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    Quote Originally Posted by Karras35 View Post
    No! Only if LGS is coming back! Anything else will be rubbish!
    What on earth made you resurrect a 14-year-old thread? Was it just a coincidence that the previous reply was posted exactly 14 years ago (by day, anyway)?

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    Eidos Montreal is working on several projects on Unreal 5. I hope one of them is next Thief. I assume it will be complete reboot of franchise with new protagonist and Garrett may appear as cameo or part of the story. I would prefer new character.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tomi View Post
    What on earth made you resurrect a 14-year-old thread? Was it just a coincidence that the previous reply was posted exactly 14 years ago (by day, anyway)?
    I saw a guest reading this Yup, pure coincidence!

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    In terms of the budget, how much would be for new Thief game ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by gunk View Post
    I was just wondering this

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karras35 View Post
    No! Only if LGS is coming back! Anything else will be rubbish!
    I wholeheartedly agree. At this point I sincerely hope no one even touches this franchise ever again for eternity, because if they do it's gonna be absolute dog poop.

    Because, first, it will of course have high fidelity graphics, which is actually not a good thing, because it's one of the things making games overly expensive and dragging out development for way too long, such that managers come and go, visions change, and the chances for development hell are much higher.

    High graphical fidelity also makes games less satisfying, because it requires maps to be so cluttered (to be believable), that they need to employ stuff like yellow-paint or wooden rope-poles, to mark the spots where you can perform actions, or otherwise they're too easy to miss. But then you no longer find things yourself and get a gratifying feeling of accomplishment and discovery, the game just shows you where things are and hand-holds you through it.

    Obviously it also requires beefy PCs with a million terabytes of space, so I personally wouldn't be able to play the next AAA Thief at all.

    And then on top of all that there's of course the current executive mindsets leading lots of games to flop. This started a long time ago, and Thief 2014 was actually a prime example of it (and of all of the above). They want to appease every demographic with tons of cinematics and dumbed-down mechanics, and other things. And then they also want more gambling. And they also want the games to be tailored to "modern audiences"...

    And it would also cost $100 or more at this point.

    So yea, I really hope this series just remains the nice trilogy it already is, and that it's the indie market that brings us more worthy spin-offs, spiritual successors, etc.
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    The Necromancer
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    Just like music and tv, big studios just put out generic stuff that's been done a thousand times, instead of taking risks with uniqueness. Or they use the medium just as a means of propagating some social or political message, which has become a thing. I want to be entertained, not preached to.

    A new Thief game wouldn't be anything special, unless done by a fully independent studio full of old school taffers. The FM's we get every month are better than probably most of what's out there now.

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