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Thread: Bestest FM 3 is here! (30-07-07)

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    After the starting area, I went to the right side and then was confused about what I was supposed to do. On Easy difficulty, I had gotten the arrows, but I could not hit any of the Mechanists in the distance. I had to make my way around the whole bottomless pit. It took about ten minutes until I finally arrived at the lowest part of the chain. Definitely recommend taking a left at the start.

    Completing the mission on Easy and finding the secret is no challenge: Even with my long detour at the start, I completed the mission after less than 15 minutes. I restarted the mission on Impossible, but did not feel like attempting the mission on that difficulty when I realized you only get the blackjack.

    It seems there are only few players interested in the Bestest FM series: no new posts in the TTLG threads since 2007, less than 5 player ratings on Thief Guild. Having completed Bestest FM 3, I can understand why: The visuals might be creative and unusual, but it is just one area and the gameplay is merely a series of fights against Mechanists. Not enough depth to attract a bigger playerbase.

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    Can I try?

    The clicky link is broken

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    It is available on Taffer‘s Paradise.

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