First up, we have Joe McDonagh being interviewed over at Guardian Unlimitied:

Second, we have Ken Levine interviewed by SPOnG:

Items I found interesting in this interview:
  • "There’s no doubt that, post-BioShock, first-person shooters won’t ever be the same again – in fact, we’ll start wondering why we ever tolerated all those mind-numbing corridor-shooters."
  • Ken: "And my hope is that in BioShock 2 and BioShock 3, we keep building and building on this basis." Bioshock 3? Getting a bit cocky there, but I'm a believer!
  • Ken: "You know, guys like Jack Thompson will make whatever they want to make out of it, and it’s not my job as an artist or games developer to think about those guys. But just to think about making things that I think are morally responsible, that I think are entertaining, that I think could pose questions and make people think about morality. There’s always going to be somebody who’s going to try to take an opportunity to aggrandise themselves off somebody else’s work."