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Thread: Week of CoSaS fans! - Progress Report on Page 3

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    Week of CoSaS fans! - Progress Report on Page 3

    Hello dear Taffers

    I was thinking.. Please correct me if I am wrong.

    CoSaS team already gave us a lot of joy and hapiness with their 1st mission and with the week of CoSaS media release too...

    Shouldn't we give them some Week of CoSaS fans back? We are waiting for some GOOD news after all and we have only some weeks left ahead.
    So let's do some action like new thread with all our regards, send-off's, or curses to the authors if you wish
    We have so little time left for it..

    Do not tell me there are a lot of threads about CoSaS and how wonderful it is. I saw them, but what I want is - Week of CoSaS fans here until the date Digital Nightfall mentioned in his post.

    Can we do this?
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    Good news! Good news!

    (Ohhhh...groan...what a headache. That 'shroom was fermented and packed a wollop...groan.)

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    I loved "Gathering" and I really wait hard fo mission X .
    Great work. Thanks to all the great CoSaS-builder, we all love you!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jtr7
    That 'shroom was fermented and packed a wollop...groan.)
    What is it with you and 'shrooms?

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    "Digi' started it...!"

    (points finger at Digi)
    (Digi slaps forehead. Mine.)

    (thinks ahead to the forthcoming good news)

    (thinks back to a related story recently read where 'shrooms come into play)

    (slinks back into the shadows cast by green bioluminescent 'shrooms and resumes waiting)

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    Meanwhile, I'll be brushing up on my CoSaS history.

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    Registered: Feb 2003
    Cheers, jtr7! I will stay with the green tea for now, maybe some absinth if any news come

    I begin to feel quite lonely here though


    *marching with the flag... like this one

    Anyone? There are some flags left

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    Seconded on enjoying the Gathering tremendously! I'll also take up the cheer:


    I fear my head will explode with anticipation ....

    *starts rummaging around frantically looking for appropriate flags - finds only a box of rather dried up 'shrooms, wonders when jtr left them there, starts giggling and then; 'Oh - I remember now ..... silly goose! But he is quite entertaining when he's all 'shroomed up' ..... and resumes frantic flag search*

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    I wasn't around when this was presented!

    So, I pulled up a cOt to read it, and at the sound of "cheesy poofs" I reached over and picked up the Witlessman's 'Shroom Sampler--like a box a' choc'lates. I popped one a half-hour ago and I think it's a dud. After the fermented one had me drunk-typing into foreign forums, I figured that was enough of those old things. I tossed 'em out my window into the alleyway. I guess somebody came by and picked 'em up.

    "Good luck with those," I muttered.

    Oh, and I picked up my flag, today:

    When I saw the price of this one, I had to go pick another pocket. Thanks for showing me where the roadside vendor was, Ermana!
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    Oh! And when you make your announcement, it gonna be on the homepage? Is it gonna be a stickied announcement across most parent forums so that it gets maximum coverage? I keep thinking that the announcement shouldn't be too insular from a major part of the TTLG community. There are many forums I don't often visit only because I don't own, and have not yet played the games they are dedicated to, or haven't created the time in my life to learn to use the game/level editors. FM's are something I've had to put off, so I can concentrate on my massive projects. I have to carve out the time and set appointments for myself to even seriously play the games I do have. What I'm saying here is, I wonder how many people just don't know enough about CoSaS to realize they're missing out? Not to mention all the newbies!

    I know there are many, many TTLG members who were fired up years ago, but the usual delays plaguing any worthwhile fan-endeavor have likely caused them to settle into a wait-and-see mode. There hasn't been a steady two-way communication of a kind that would keep up the interest/morale on both sides. It's maybe kinda like the feeling you got when you didn't get many comments on your travel-blog, yet more people have read it, and appreciate it, than you know. Personally, I didn't want to clutter your blog up with lame comments, but I've added one recently.

    Never lose heart when you've gained so much.

    "By the way, relieving one's self in an unlit water-closet after imbibing much 'shroom tea is easier with the residual glow still present in the flow." --Elder Shroompty

    Must be like tracer bullets, or something....
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    Two weeks plus one day,
    three times five days,
    a fortnight plus one day,
    half a month,
    three-quarters of a score of days,
    the letter "O" is the 15th letter of the English alphabet......

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    she/her ⚧
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    Wow, I ...

    ... actually that countdown is rather painful. You see, that's also a countdown to the end of my vacation. The end of my vacation will be a very sad time for me, as I have not had one in a very, very long time, and I won't be getting another for a very, very long time. Also, it means returning to the city of Tampa Florida which, after living there for four years, has become a place I very much dislike. I am fine with thinking of it as 'two weeks,' but to express it in a daily countdown makes my eyes cross.

    But I am really touched by your enthusiasm and support. It's definitely raised my spirits about the project, and I really look forward to digging in tomorrow and finally getting something new done for the first time since May.

    But I need to stress that there's no "big news" that's going to be happening on the 26th. I simply meant that I am going to give a progress update, a frank one, and that I wanted to do it at the end of these two work weeks so that it can include all the progress I've made during this time - otherwise it will only list things that were done months ago.

    So it's not an announcement. No stickies, no multi-forum posts, and not something I want to wave in everyone's face. I'd like for people who still have faith to know what's going on, but I am not out to convince those who have lost faith that they need to change their minds. The finished, released mission is the only thing that can do that. Until then, I am not out to parade cosas around and shout about how good I think it will be or how excited I think anyone should be about it. Those who believe it will be good and are excited about it are a great boost to my morale, very much appreciated, and greatly thanked for sticking with it for so long, with years in between any news from me or the team.

    Quote Originally Posted by jtr7 View Post
    What I'm saying here is, I wonder how many people just don't know enough about CoSaS to realize they're missing out? Not to mention all the newbies!
    I think the best way to remedy that, if it is indeed to be seen as a problem, is to invite them to play GatI. The media release of two years ago is still the best way to introduce people to what we're doing now, but if they're to be sold on the legitimacy of the team then actually looking at something which we've done and finished is the only real way to go about it, isn't it?

    Besides, I still have no idea when we're going to be done. Next semester will be my hardest yet, even if I do not get the teacher's aid position I applied for - and if I do get that, then I will be twice as busy with school as I ever have been before. I don't think it's right to get people "fired up" right now when we still don't have an objective release date.

    But I will have a progress report on the 26th, it will be made in this thread, and I will try to be as clear as possible about what's left to do. I promise you that.

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    Sorry Master Nightfall!

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    she/her ⚧
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    If you're sorry about the countdown, then don't worry, as I know you only had the best intentions.

    But you have nothing else to be sorry about! In fact, thank you!

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    I'll lay on my cOt and wave my li'l flag, sipping my thoroughly boiled tea, and send you happy thoughts.

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    If I would find a thread with CoSaS title and word “released” in it – it would be very nice. But until that day I have some good thoughts and feelings anyway and I don't feel like tired of waiting or something.

    IMHO, it is better to wait and not attain, than do not to try to expect something. Even if the offset in time is not a bestest for our dreams.

    I hope, that it does not look like "pushing" to team members. We placed a little camp here, to wait and see, to have some joy with our hopes, but not to break into your plans or everyday routines.

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    she/her ⚧
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    Here's something I've been meaning to do for a while now. It's a list of names of people who have been involved with or contributed to Mission X (they're not quite the same thing). I kept the categories as simple as possible to avoid confusion, and in some cases a name belongs under multiple lists - I only mentioned each name once, in the uppermost list in which they belong. A "story" category has been omitted as everyone involved in that aspect are also responsible for other things.

    I am sure there's horrible, embarrassing holes in this list - names of people I forgot, for example, or even people put in the wrong lists - and maybe some people who contributed to cosas but don't actually have anything of theirs in Mission X. I will try to correct these errors as I realise them, or as I am informed of the error.

    Names are listed in alphabetical order. I do not differentiate between those who contributed two hours and those who contributed two hundred hours.

    Edit: I broke it down a little better, and made some fixes. Also an 'o' next to the name indicates that their work was used, but it was not created specifically for us.

    This is not new, but I should clarify, the x# next to a voice actor's name indicates how many roles they voiced.

    Anarchic Fox
    Digital Nightfall
    Mortal Monkey
    R Soul


    o Telliamed
    o Totality
    o VKGaylesaver

    o Daemonite
    o Targa



    Ireth Kalt

    Ibsen's Ghost
    Shadow Creeper x2
    Slyfoxx x3

    __Honorable Mention

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    Lists like these are good.

    And I always find the making of such lists to be quite humbling as I realize just how many people made the work possible through the smallest of influences all the way to massive effort.

    It goes beyond "team" to become "community".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Digital Nightfall View Post
    I only mentioned each name once, in the uppermost list in which they belong.
    Then why am I in the list twice?
    And under DromEd, too, when I hardly did any DromEd work on MX itself, just scripting in test maps...

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    That's because I originally had only a dromed category, and then I decided to make a scripter one because you, like the others there, contributed scripts without actually working on the mission itself. I just forgot to remove your name....

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    Made some more edits to the list, now that I've had more time to think. I moved many of the dromeders to an additional assistance category. I broke down the cinematic team into video and artists, as the artists are also responsible for non-cinematic related artwork (notes pages, for example). I also incorrectly confused daemonite with demagogue.

    I'm still sure I've forgotten at least three people.

    I also thought it best to differentiate team members with people who did publicly available work which we are using, indicated by an 'o' next to their name.

    I could also clarify that Trimfect, though he's done no actual work on the mission, was an integral part of its early concept development and planning.

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    I stayed up all night reading Correspondence of Thieves on The Circle, way back when, and enjoyed it very much. Hearing that an FM series would... I'm not sure what to use: take place in that world? be inspired by it? Well, whatever it was, it excited me. I'm still excited about it, all these years later. I adored GatI. I'm very much looking forward to the rest of the missions, however long they may take.

    I just wish I could contribute somehow! I want to give back to something I've enjoyed so much. I'll just keep giving cheers since I don't know what else I can do... *cheers!*


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    she/her ⚧
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    Location: Lyon
    Thanks Shaz!

    This may interest you;

    I am also always more than happy to consider extra help, so you may want to take a peek at this;

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    I have only played Gathering like a gazillion times....

    GO! GO! GO!


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