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Thread: Plaster splicers

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    Plaster splicers

    I've just been replaying the game (it's even easier the second time). One of my favourite bits was Fort Frolic, mostly because it was actually creepy. The source of that creepiness was, to a large degree, all of the silent spider splicers covered in plaster and their habit of turning up when you're not looking. But the second time through I was waiting for them to show up and they didn't. I found out that they don't start doing their thing until you venture all the way into Sinclair Spirits .
    I can't remember, but I think you're supposed to go there looking for the drunk guy that Cohen wants you to off (who then turns up in Eve's Garden). This time around I took care of all the assasinations pretty quick and never went in to the booze shop, so they never turned up (I actually went back from Point Prometheus to try and find out where they went). Fort Frolic loses quite a bit without them as they were for me about the only genuinely creepy thing in the game. I wonder if anyone else never had to deal with them and just thought they were for show. If anyone else missed them it might explain why they weren't quite as impressed by Fort Frolic as, say, me.

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    I missed the flooded basement the first time around, but it was a great surprise on my second runthrough.

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    I agree entirely. That flooded basement was when I thought 'At last, this game has actually creeped me out!' The plaster splicers were very well done. There were enough plaster-coated bits of (presumably Cohen's) 'art' around that didn't do anything for me to decide that no, they weren't going to start moving, and then, at pretty much exactly the right moment, they did. Being attacked by one in Sinclair Spirits and then heading back out of the shop to see that the six figures who'd been lining a corridor were all gone was awesome.
    The basement was great because it was big and open and I couldn't keep the entire room in view while crossing it. Turning round to see a 'statue' amongst the mannequin torsos was great. At one point I stopped to have a look around and, having the chameleon tonic on, I turned invisible. This meant I was actually able to study one of the splicers. She adopted a pose and held it, but then had a surreptitious look round with her head. Fantastic. Put me in mind of a (fairly) recent Dr Who episode with creatures that turn to stone when they're being observed as a defence mechanism (but they can't control it, so they go around with their hands over their eyes to avoid looking at each other and getting stuck forever). They attack when you blink or when you're looking the other way or, as happens later in the episode, when the lights start to flicker.

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    I really liked that Dr Who episode, and yeah, that basement was nicely done. I was actually expecting (read: dreading) pretty much what happened, so I tried edging to the corner with the room in view, then thought nothing was going to happen, turned and got the plasmid andthen turned back around and had a heart attack.

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    After seeing people talk about it is several different places I had to check out that Dr Who episode and it is cool! So simply done as well. Very clever.

    The plaster guys aren't set off until you use a safe or something in the Spirits joint. I think the one in the chair is the first one (why is something unpleasant facing away from you like that such an ominous image?). After that and the basement they seem to turn up everywhere. There's a couple of specific 'instalations' like the dancers in the toilets, but they seem to also spawn in unscripted (not in quite such interesting ways as the scripted ones). I guess I'm curious if nobody set off that first one then they might not have dealt with them at all. That would be a pity as they're cool.

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