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Thread: Modifying ConfigINI.IBF

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    Modifying ConfigINI.IBF

    Does anyone know if this is possible? I've tried modifying it, and then Bioshock wouldn't start (all I did was set Max ammo capacity to 9999). So, I toned it down to 999 and bioshock started. However, the ammo is still capped at the normal max.

    There's a bunch of other stuff I'd like to fiddle with, but if it doesn't keep the settings I'm just wasting time.

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    isn't there a trainer out already ? try that one.

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    Yeah, I found the trainer, but I just wanted bigger ammo capacity (not infinite). But, regardless, it'd be fun to mod the weapons to do things like, have the crossbow shoot three bolts instead of one (which is configured in that file). I'm just looking for ways to make the game more interesting, as I've already gone through it.

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    The trainer linked to here on the board yesterday carried a trojan btw.

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    Which one was it? I got the Mega Trainer. My AV didn't detect any trojan though.

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