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Thread: T2 FM - BloodMist Tower - Sept 05, 2007

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    Registered: Sep 2002
    Location: USA

    T2 FM - BloodMist Tower - Sept 05, 2007

    At long last, I finished my oldest Thief mission, BloodMist Tower. This poor mission remained in DromEd limbo for years, until I finally sat down to finish it a week ago.

    BloodMist Tower begins as your basic mansion-style Thief mission, but like my smaller previously-released missions (A Mother's Love , The Adventures of Burrick Boy, Garrett and the Beanstalk), it doesn't remain ordinary for long. Expect plenty of surprises and the occasional plot twist to keep you on your thieving toes!

    The most current version of the mission is being hosted here:

    I hope you enjoy it!

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    Downloading now.

    I think I'll put my mission in limbo while I play this one.

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    Thank you. I was starving for a mission

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    Registered: Jul 2003
    Location: United Kingdom
    Thanks kfort. Nice to have you back with us, taffer!

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    Location: Siberia, Russia
    Thanks, kfort! Downloading now.

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    Registered: Dec 2003
    Location: Meran/South Tyrol/Italy
    Hey! First I thought this would be a simple stealing mission, but no..
    There are many, many funny things to see.
    Il liked the apebeast knocking out and throwing down in the pool from the tower! And I liked the byting fluffy and and...

    Great job!

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    Desperately Dodgy Moderator
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    Location: Bohn Museum

    K, I'm so happy you're finally releasing BT, congrats! I hope we'll see Wicked Relics soon too!

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    Location: France (Reims - Champagne)

    Thanks Kfort

    So a mission that has been waiting for years to be finished, im curious and im downloading now, as soon as i get to Porto ill play it and tell something about it

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    Location: Thunder Bay, On., Canada
    I LOVED this mission when I tested it so long ago and I've always hoped you'd come back and release it. Thanks! I can't wait to play it again. I hope you're back to stay.

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    Can anyone tell me where I can find the key for the metal doors at the top of the swimable water column with the sign above them that says something about Craymen Only?

    BTW, nice mission. I had a blast taking out all the frogbeasts. It was good target practice...

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    Registered: Aug 2006
    Location: Great. Now I can't get back in
    Drunken Cricket :
    in the area with the BIG spider, near a body.

    Is there any other way
    back to the mansion? Only explored part of it & am way short of loot total.

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    Desperately Dodgy Moderator
    Registered: Nov 2001
    Location: Bohn Museum
    IIRC (and it's been several years since I tested this mission, so it may not be correct) and assuming she didn't change it, you wind up back in the mansion at the end. But don't quote me on that.

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    Registered: May 2006
    Location: Scotland, doon the watter

    Yay !

    Thanks. Whoo hoo ! Other jolly sounds ! Or, as Homer would say, can't talklaying FM.

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    Registered: Aug 2004
    Location: well hidden From Truart!!!!!!!

    Yahooo Thanks

    Off to taff now.!

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    Registered: Sep 2002
    Location: USA
    I'm glad you are all liking it so far. And you have my younger sister to thank for finally getting me back into DromEd to finish this mission. She's been playing it for years and wishing it was an official FM so others could enjoy it ... and finally her nagging has paid off!

    Just to let everyone know, there are also two hidden bonus objectives that appear when you complete special tasks, in addition to the three listed secrets. One is pretty easy to find, but the other requires more effort.

    Sticky Fingers:
    Yandros is correct. When you finish the mission, you are returned to the mansion at the beginning, but the mission ends shortly so you won't have time to explore. However, there isn't really any way to fully explore the mansion beyond the areas you've probably already seen. It is much smaller than it appears. However, if you are short on loot, be sure to grab all the paintings on the walls and check the housekeeper's room on your next playthrough.

    At one point, I intended to extend the mansion into a fully playable area, but I quickly ran into the objects limit and other problems so it became a different mission entirely. I'm still working on getting that one finished and I plan on releasing it independently under the title Wicked Relics. It's my favorite DromEd creation so far.

    Drunken Cricket:
    I should have made this key easier to find, I suspect. I'd forgotten the trouble it caused during betatesting - as Sticky Fingers said, you need to look in the cavern with the giant spider. It is a small red key next to a crayman body and a light mushroom. You can retrieve it without alerting the spider if you are careful. And I would recommend that approach, since the spider is quite hard!

    Good luck everyone!

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    Location: Normally I'm in the batcave.
    This mission was SO MUCH FREAKING FUN. Just, pure hilarious entertainment the whole way through. It's really more like a crazy theme park ride than an actual FM, this mission is just one crazy set piece after another! Highlights include...oh many...let me think:
    The Hammerite with the holy water fountain coming out of his head (in fact, the whole prison area), the dancing pagans who turn into zombies, the hilarious readables, the rabbit sitting on the throne with the plate of carrots in front of him, the suprise tree beast attack with "beware" written on the wall in loot right before it, the giant spider...

    ...basically everything rocked. Release more FMs soon man, and by "man" I of course mean the figure of speech such as "Man, that movie was awesome!" since you are quite obviously a woman, this one kicked ass! We need more FMs of this variety also, that don't take themselves too seriously and just focus on being fun.

    One question, I noticed a section of wall in all three of the cells on the right in the prison area that was obviously the entrance to a secret area, but I couldn't figure out how to open it. Where's that ridiculously well hidden switch?
    Last edited by The Mike; 7th Sep 2007 at 01:30.

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    Drunken Cricket:
    I should have made this key easier to find, I suspect. I'd forgotten the trouble it caused during betatesting - as Sticky Fingers said, you need to look in the cavern with the giant spider. It is a small red key next to a crayman body and a light mushroom. You can retrieve it without alerting the spider if you are careful. And I would recommend that approach, since the spider is quite hard!
    Thanks for the help (you too Sticky Fingers).

    BTW, I took the giant spider out with one arrow...

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    Desperately Dodgy Moderator
    Registered: Nov 2001
    Location: Bohn Museum
    Quote Originally Posted by The Mike View Post
    Release more FMs soon WOman, this one kicked ass!

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    Registered: Jul 2005
    Location: Aachen (Germany)
    Nice and very funny mission.

    I found one bonus objective (cursed horn of the dance), don't know if they are more bonus objectives, only one secret (the golden bones) and I missed nearly 2000 loot!

    But it was very nice to play and I think I make a second run.

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    Registered: Dec 2003
    Location: Making Larry Miserable
    This is good fun. Enjoyed the
    And the multi-coloured rabbits?

    Its nice to see a creative FM for a change.

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    Registered: May 2003
    Location: West Seattle
    ah, very fun mission 2 of 3 secrets, no bonuses... 3,000 short on total loot?!
    I'm gonna have to play through this one again when there are some clues as to the bonus objectives
    some constructive criticism:
    there was lots of variety throughout the mission, but the caves got a bit repetitive... and while I liked the traps in the Cray temple, I was hoping for something a bit larger and impressive towards the end. that said, I did have a great deal of fun, a few shocks, and several laughs. I will play it again to see what I missed, and I look forward to your next adventure!

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    Registered: Nov 2002
    Location: Surrey BC Canada
    Absolutely great FM! Thanks kfort! This was so enjoyable, and is well worth re-playing. The Thief Community is much enriched by this release.
    (Little sisters can be right!)

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    d. Dec 2017
    Registered: May 2002
    Location: Pacific Northwest
    A fun game. I was whisked back to the mansion before I had time to explore further (get more loot). I loved "the" burrick; very funny.
    Tried to climb the strand a spider was spinning only to make the spider mad and fall off.

    I had no trouble finding the key for the Crayman doors. Did not find all the loot or eggs, so will go back and replay.

    Thanks for a very nicely done FM.

    Will await further FM's from this clever girl! Hurrah!!!!

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    Registered: Nov 2006
    Location: Melbourne
    Heaps of fun. Thanks for this kfort.

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    Registered: Sep 2002
    Location: USA
    The Mike:
    Those secret doors you noticed are part of an alternative way to explore the prison cells which counts as one of the three secrets. Here's a hint - try looking for the switch in the hallway rather than any of the cells.

    If you're still stumped or just anxious to know the exact location:
    Frob the unlit torch at the end of the prison hallway to access the secret passage. It's one of those "hiding in plain sight" hidden switches

    The Dude: Multi-colored rabbits, eh? Hmm that sounds like I might have misplaced a texture. The bunnies should be grey and white cottontails. Dang - they are so cute with the proper texture! Unless you try to steal their carrots

    Also, for the loot-hounds out there - even I have trouble collecting all the loot in this mission. I love loot and love putting tons of it in my missions, so it is rare for me to make a room without adding at least a few valuables tucked into corners or on top of shelves. Also, I've sprinkled a few gold nuggets around in out-of-the-way places to reward adventurous taffers who like high places. If anyone does manage to find it all, I'd be very impressed!

    Also, about the Bonus objectives:

    There are two bonuses - one can be found in the mage's tower near the beginning of the mission, while the other is found near the spider cave at the end of the mission - good luck searching for them!

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