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Thread: Sound Fix in DarkEngine games

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    Quote Originally Posted by Albert View Post
    I just wanna bring this thread back up for a second just for those now joining us.

    Having issues with audio? Try out Thief 2 1.19, TFix or System Shock 2.4. They all have support for OpenAL now, and it's as simple as going to audio settings, and clicking hardware support as many times as it takes for the option "OpenAL *something*" to pop up. If it doesn't then install OpenAL stuff for your system. It may not be hardware unless you are lucky, but software mode OpenAL is not bad at all -- except for the oldest of systems.

    And that's about it.

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    Yep! Even on Linux. I can't use an owl in reply because, well, it's ridiculously huge and I have standards too.

    -- Well.

    It's just that easy!

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    If you have an onboard Realtek High Definition Audio lacking of 5.1 positional sound, this solution for Alpha Protocol works in new dark engine too.

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