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Thread: The Perils of Origin Localization

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    The Perils of Origin Localization

    I'm an English speaker currently living in Sweden who just picked up the origin bundle. While the origin interface itself is in English for me, the origin store which I access through a tab on the program is all in Swedish. Does anyone know how I can change the store language? I've done some googling but all I can find are angry posts from people all over the world complaining, with no solution forthcoming from EA.

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    I'm not able to change the store language either, only english (USA). The Origin client does not support the use of proxies which I was about to suggest.

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    If you can use a proxy then it should be possible to access the store via a normal browser and log into your account. I don't know if that will violate any terms of service but it seems pretty awful that they don't allow you to at least choose different languages for the store by any other route.

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