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Thread: Three new distant arts

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    Three new distant arts

    These have been waiting for their first release for some time now. Three new distant arts I made during this summer. They all work best when used in night or evening mission. Due to bad alpha channel function in modern graphic cards, they will look banded and thus ugly unless other sky settings are carefully adjusted. On older cards like Geforce 4800 SE they will look good on just basic settings.


    Files included:

    redfacecity1.tga & redfacecity2.tga -- Made from redface's excellent fan art .

    alps1.tga & alps2.tga -- A nice view to Alps.

    prague1.tga & prague2.tga -- A view to Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic. Suits well those high class districts.

    Use these freely, but please give me credit if you do so .

    I will update these and maybe make more skies when I have time.

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    Wonderful skies
    I am sure we will see them many times in many different FMs.
    And please - create more...

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    Good stuff

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    Could we have some screenies, plz ?

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    Regarding the transparency issue, perhaps you could make the sky completely transparent, save for some 'softness' at the edges of the buildings.

    Rather than a screenshot of the actual distant art, here are some DistantArt settings I used, which looked good:
    (the best latitudes depend on the height of your existing terrain)
    By pure coincidence, these settings maintain an aspect ratio of 1:1*

    These look good for Prague as well. For the mountains maybe a little more should be added to both latitudes.

    I'm not sure that 'Distance' matters in this case. I seem to be getting the same results with 85000 as with 50.

    *I feel an urge to explain why:
    There is 45 degrees between the two latitudes (0 is the pole, 90 the horizon). So the vertical angular size is 45 degrees.
    # of panels is like 'sides in base' when you make a cylinder, so in this case it's a 40 sided cylinder.
    # of panels per texture - the texture is stretched horizontally to fit into 5 sides.

    The horizontal angular size of 1 panel is: 360/40 = 9 degrees. The horizontal angular size of 5 panels is 9*5 = 45 degrees.
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    Nice skies
    And please keep´em coming!

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    Most excellent! Finally a replacement for those boring factories.

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    NICE, can someone put in here a screen of one of those set ? thanks

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    I've brightened these a little but I didn't want to do it too much. View against a dark background. The DistantArt settings are those I posted previously. The terrain brushes are using Vigil's textures.

    Redfacecity 1 & 2:

    Alps 1 & 2:

    (These probably need slightly different settings)

    Prague 1 & 2:

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    Wow, that's looks great ! That'll change us from the hyyyyyyyyyper distant arts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by redface View Post

    Thanks for preview images R Soul. I recommend to use Nameless Voice's moon textures with these distant arts .

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    Oh, those change the whole character of a mission ... like you're really in the heart of a city. Terrific.

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    All distant arts are great but I am planning on using the mountain one. Unfortunatly, the distant art doesn't show. I've dropped alps1.tga and alps2.tga in the fam\skyhw and used the right settings that are shown above and still I don't get the distant art to show up. Could someone tell me what might be that I am doing wrong?

    Edit: I don't know what happened but when I tried it now the distant art shows up and looks gorgeous. I guess dromed could be strange sometimes...
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