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Thread: Dark Messiah Elements - Only for 360

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    Dark Messiah Elements - Only for 360

    "We are proud to annouce that Dark Messiah will be heading to Xbox 360 with the release of Dark Messiah Might and Magic Elements!

    Powered by the award-winning Source engine created by Valve for its Half-Life2 video game, the game will allow Xbox 360 gamers worldwide to experience the brutal combat, highly detailed interactive environments and dark atmosphere that won the hearts of thousands of PC players, while building and expanding the experience in several areas. Players will have to use the environment as a weapon to outsmart the most fiendish monsters.

    Dark Messiah Might and Magic Elements is being developed by Ubisoft’s Annecy studio, supported by Valve and Arkane Studios. Ubisoft Annecy has been critically acclaimed for the innovative multiplayer modes in Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell games.

    For additional details, check out the IGN interview with Producer Daniel Palix."

    As for the interview:

    The forum reaction was predictable: They are mad at how bad the Pc-users are being treated, since their original DMMM is buggy and Arkane is focusing on doing a exclusive 360 version instead of fixing the bugs. They feel like beta testers.

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    To be fair, we've know this for quite a while.

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    Arkane had very little to do with DM Elements.

    Ubisoft would call them on the phone now and then with some questions about this bit of code or that. They'd answer. That's all.

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    Ooops, sorry.
    I really thought this was something new.

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    Read about it on Steam news (or the DM boards, one of the two). Kind of pissed that the current version of DM is unpolished, a bit buggy and overall feels like a beta game like Gambit said. I got a review in another one of these threads so I won't bother reiterating what I said there, but it did feel like PC DM players were getting the shaft on an already mediocre game when Elements was announced for the X-Box only.

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