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Thread: T2 FM: Hammerite Deathmatch! 18 Nov 07

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    T2 FM: Hammerite Deathmatch! 18 Nov 07

    Hammerite Deathmatch
    An FPS-Style FM for Thief 2

    By Yandros

    Release Date: 11/18/07
    Version: 1.0

    Mission Base: Circulation of Shadows (now abandoned as a T2 mission)
    Build Time: 3 months starting from CoS Alpha 2
    Language Support: English
    Scripts: All necessary custom scripts are included

    Mission Info
    Mission 1: Last Man Standing
    You are Garrett, and are turned loose in a Hammer compound with 8-12 other Hammers and Haunts. The objective is simple – kill or be killed! You have 10 lives, and your opponents have between 8 and 12 each (depending on difficulty). Each time anyone dies (either by you or another AI), they lose a life, and when those lives are all gone, that player is out of the game – this includes you, as Garrett! So your only objective is to outlast all the AI, killing as many as you can without losing all your lives in the process.

    Mission 2: Deathmatch
    You again play Garrett, and this time the first participant to achieve 25 kills is the winner. In order to win, you must achieve the kill goal before any of the AI do.

    You can skip straight to Deathmatch by using the Ctrl-Alt-Shift-End shortcut to end the first mission.

    Important Play Info

    Gameplay Differences – Please Read!
    There are a number of things which are not typical of most other missions:
    • You can die! Have fun and don’t worry too much about staying alive, it’s OK to die and respawn – it’s part of the fun!
    • Garrett has been working out, and is in the best shape of his life – and consequently, you move much faster in this mission than normal. In fact, you don’t even suffer a speed penalty when your sword is drawn, so keep it out – you’ll need it! Be careful though – if you use a speed potion, it’s possible to go so fast that you can die by running into a wall!
    • Your current inventory selection will not disappear from the screen, so that it will always be at your disposal in the heat of combat.
    • If you are moving or spinning when you die, you will still be moving (or spinning) in that direction when you respawn. Simply press the same movement or rotation key again and it will stop. This is an engine “feature” which can’t be countered.
    • Any time you spawn, use the cameras in the control room (see below), or check the status screen, your melee weapon will be deselected. This is a side effect of the custom script being used and can’t be prevented.
    • For an intense challenge (and good practice), try winning Deathmatch on Expert using only your sword!

    Spawnpoints & Colours
    • Your spawn point is orange, while all enemy AI spawn points are blue.
    • When an AI spawns, blue particles accompany a normal AI, but red particles erupt when a harder foe spawns.
    • Any time an AI is ready to spawn, he can appear randomly at any of the spawn points in the level; i.e. you never know when an AI might emerge from any given spawn point.
    • A special ally’s spawn point is green, and it must be frobbed to release him (once per mission). It is randomly placed when the mission starts and is not always in the same location. This ally is not available in Deathmatch mode.

    You have three new arrows:
    • Acid arrows (weapon slot 3/broadhead) – create a cloud of corrosive gas. The gas is highly effective against undead, but only marginally effective against humans.
    • Poison arrows (weapon slot 4/water arrow) – create a large cloud of poison gas on impact. Poison is lethal to humans, but ineffective against undead. The tip is glass, so an AI hit by them won’t be poisoned by the tip, but rather by the released gas.
    • Explosive arrows (weapon slot 5/fire arrow) – a more powerful version of their fire arrow cousins, they cause a tremendous explosion and do heavy damage to all.

    You have three new thrown weapons, which you throw by frobbing from inventory:
    • Sawblades – a little hard to aim, but do good damage to all enemies. Can also slash banners.
    • Knives – do strong damage to humans, but only moderate damage to undead.
    • Hammers – pack a punch to all enemy AI.

    There is an additional, quite powerful weapon in the game, but you have to find it.

    Restocking Supplies
    • Extra weapons & ammo are scattered here and there throughout the mission – more will be found on easier difficulties.
    • Most ammo is just laying about or in unlocked chests, but some of it is tucked into corners, and a few require you to find a switch or button to access them.
    • There are four secret areas which contain more ammo than normal rooms, if you can find them.
    • There are also two storerooms containing more ammo than most other rooms, but they are locked, and to enter you must pick the locks with the threat of enemies all around you.
    • On Expert, only the best hand-to-hand players will survive without finding at least some of the secret or storeroom ammo.
    • The pace is less hectic in Last Man Standing mode (since you’re only trying to avoid being killed and not racing towards a kill goal), so you should learn the map and scout out the secrets in LMS before trying Deathmatch. That way you’ll already know where to restock supplies when you begin playing DM mode – you’ll probably need it!

    The “Control Room”
    There is one room with access to numerous cameras placed throughout the rest of the level, allowing you to “spy” on your foes to see where they are. Frob the button on each monitor to see what the camera “sees”.

    With each monitor is one or more buttons which remotely trigger traps located in the area viewed by that camera.
    • Frob one of these buttons to set off different kinds of traps on the AI in that area.
    • Keep in mind the damage type of each trap and whether the AI in the area are undead or human when choosing to trigger a trap. Some trap types don’t damage both undead and humans.
    • Choose wisely, as each camera’s trap system takes some time to reset after being triggered.

    Note that while viewing a camera monitor you may feel like you’re there, but you will continue to hear the sounds in the control room and not in the remote location. Most importantly, take care not to linger in the control room – AI will spawn in and patrol into the room, and if you’re busy looking at the monitors, you’ll quickly find yourself dead.

    My utmost thanks go to Nameless Voice, without whose constant assistance, problem-solving and new scripts this mission would not have been possible.

    Download from Southquarter (thanks Redface and Brother Renault!)
    Download from The Circle
    Download from Darklurker (thanks Moghedian!)
    Mirror from flying_hope
    Preview Thread

    Ok, this type of mission certainly isn’t for everyone, and I know some people will not like it. But a number of testers who said they don’t typically like killing missions and didn’t expect to like it actually enjoyed playing it, so I hope if you’re in that category that you at least give it a chance. It can actually be quite therapeutic after a long, stressful day! Plus there are lots of new toys to play with.
    Last edited by Yandros; 19th Nov 2007 at 13:29.

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    I was one of the testers who thought they wouldn't like it. Killing is definitely NOT my style in general and it really didn't sound like something I would enjoy. However, once I started playing it, to my great surprise, I had a ball with it! Expert is a bit too hard for me as I'm a lousy fighter so if you're like me, you'll probably enjoy it most if you play on Normal or Hard.

    Have fun!

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    Thanks Yandros,downloading now.

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    Ditto Nightwalker's post.

    This is great fun from the start and the more you play the more options you find. I've still got a long way to go!
    Last edited by ffox; 18th Nov 2007 at 18:26.

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    WooHoo!!! Finally! Man that was fun, Thanks Yandros it was certainly worth the wait. Though I'm curious as to why that one room is considered an easter egg... I was kind of expecting to find the secret weapon there at least.

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    Heh, you and NV. He said he always looks there in missions and usually finds nothing (or maybe a coin or two). I decided I already had enough secrets, so I made that one special.

    So you didn't find the secret weapon yet? Keep looking...

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    Wow! The trap room is my domain... If would be awesome to do a team deathmatch, or capture the flag.
    Acheivement system, stuf like that. At least there is no 'snipejooa$$:lololololololstfun00blololawlhaxx0rurgayfaghomousux'
    Last edited by ganac; 18th Nov 2007 at 18:53.

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    Those are the two team modes I'm planning to make, but not until sometime late next year. And it will be in a new, made-from-scratch map using more "modern" textures and different AI.

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    Yay! Downloading Now!

    Thanks Yandros

    Just finished playing on hard difficulty, had a lot of fun!
    Great map as well.

    Wow! If would be awesome to do a team deathmatch, or capture the flag.
    That would be great if it could be implimented.
    Last edited by EZ-52; 18th Nov 2007 at 18:20.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yandros View Post
    There is an additional, quite powerful weapon in the game, but you have to find it.
    Let me guess: a bow upgrade?

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    No, you'll have to wait for Thief Shock for that!

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    ...Bow Upgrade...Alarus Extention...Theif Multiplayer...

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    Quote Originally Posted by mxleader View Post
    Let me guess: a bow upgrade?
    No, no, no... its not a bow upgrade. That just didn't work out 'cause the arrows kept trying to go in three different directions...and one of them was straight back. Quite a problem when using gas arrows

    Seriously, hunt around. You'll like this new weapon

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    Quote Originally Posted by EZ-52 View Post
    That would be great if it could be implimented.
    It can, I already know how. But I have several other missions to finish before I get back to this concept, so it will be a year probably.

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    WOW! What a thoroughly enjoyable mission! Removing the speed handicap whilst the sword is out makes combat a breeze. Very good work Yandros!

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    I'm about to slip a cog.... 2 hours of downloading time on this FM, and it failed at 51% completion.

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    Thats odd...

    I pushed a button in what looks like a dark catacomb type area with metal looking walls and blue lighting It did nothing.

    It looks like it was downstairsa little.

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    bob_doe_nz, check the corridor next to this blue maze of rooms - there are two arrows in the wall, behind glass, and the glass should have gone now.

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    Wow, Yandros Thanks for interesting mission

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yandros View Post
    Heh, you and NV. He said he always looks there in missions and usually finds nothing
    I know, its almost as bad as my habit of checking any toilets or longdrops I come across for loot. I've had a few more playthroughs and have finally found all four secrets as well as an interesting trick or two. On the deadmatch level for instance, if you kill yourself it counts towards you score, making suicide a handy tactic

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    Quote Originally Posted by Emerald Wolf View Post
    On the deadmatch level for instance, if you kill yourself it counts towards you score, making suicide a handy tactic
    Nope, afraid not. It does trigger the message as if you had killed someone (I never managed to fix that) but doesn't increment your kill count.

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    Well I went back just to make sure and I was capable of winning by commiting suicide after getting 24 kills. So maybe its a bug ?

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    Desperately Dodgy Moderator
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    Oooops! Sounds like it! How did that happen? I thought I made sure that worked.... well, I'll try to post an update tonight.

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    Way to go!
    It's amasing how Thief2 keeps showing new aspects, thanks to all you fm makers.

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    This thing is simply amazing...

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