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Thread: Oblivion Mods on xbox 360?

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    Oblivion Mods on xbox 360?

    Is it possible to install mods/ plugins on my xbox 360 and load them into oblivion? I've googled/ yahoo'd it but no luck. Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ~s:a:n:i:t:y~ View Post
    Ive compared ES4 on the 360 to my Pc and its just not the same either..


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    I don't think that was the question though.

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    How do I connect my xbox 360 to my receiver? I have a Sony STR-DG710 receiver, and i need to hook my xbox 360 to it. When i do i get the sound but no picture, what gives. I have already check My xbox and it works fine when i hook it directly to the TV. I've tried different inputs to the receiver also. I do have a 1080i Plasma and the xbox is on HD setting.
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    Simple, don't pass the picture signal through the receiver. Connect the 360 via HDMI, component or VGA directly to your TV and output the sound via optical to your receiver.

    The official Microsoft HDMI pack, component and VGA cables all have a pass-thru port for toslink.

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