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Thread: T2 FM - Three Crowns Dec. 7/07

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    T2 FM - Three Crowns Dec. 7/07

    I just finished and posted a new fan mission - 3 crowns. If you like to climb and you like rope arrows, you should like it. You can get it at the circle. (look under fan missions/download missions)

    It is a big mission so get a cup of coffee before you start. Hope you enjoy.


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    Link to The Circle is here.

    Grab a snack and get comfy! You're gonna love this one.

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    OMG, more FM's!

    *Wonders if he'll ever get his Lighthouse mission finished!

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    Wow! Downloading!

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    Desperately Dodgy Moderator
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    Sounds like a blast, BG! I'll try to find time to play this one this weekend, but I have to find time to play Sly's latest first...

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    My weekend is complete. A new mission by bbb.

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    This is another fun mission from bbb, big, varied and challenging. It really tests your exploring technique and your water and rope arrow skills.

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    The banned user, not the game
    Registered: Dec 2007
    need a small bit of help on this fm

    i am in the
    spider caves,i have been through it many times and i cant find the 4 items i am looking for,i knocked out all apes and killed all spiders, it seems like path takes me back to where i entered,i know i am close to those 4 items i need,do i need to double back?

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    wooo downloading sounds like fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thief_4 View Post
    need a small bit of help on this fm
    I'm not sure where you are, but you probably need to find the Back Gate. It's accessed from the house where they cook double head stew.

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    This one will provide you with many hours of fun! Loads of exploring and lots of neat hidden stashes of loot to search for.

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    HUGE level + lots of rope arrows =
    I can't imagine the time you worked on your FM!
    I spent 4h to finish it!

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    Wow! This is big! Over 1,5 hours played...and still in the middle of nowhere...
    big fun-mission!

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    Registered: Aug 2006
    Location: Great. Now I can't get back in
    4hr 37mins game time - probably shouldn't have done this in one sitting (it's 3 am! ), but I was just enjoying it so much.

    BIG, immersive &, in particular, great pathfinding - & crooks & nannies everywhere

    Thanx for all your hard work, bbb

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    Location: well hidden From Truart!!!!!!!
    Thanks bbb for your hard work.

    Now off to Taff.

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    The banned user, not the game
    Registered: Dec 2007
    ffox so are you saying i have to go back out the
    tunnels and back in to the vault out of the church to this house?,i used all the keys i got so far,last set of keys i used were vault 1 and 2 key

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    Just thought I would let you know that the circle link does not work. It goes through the motions and then when you choose the directory to save in, it all disappears instead of downloading. So until its fixed, get it from south quarter.


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    Suuure...find another way into the Cathedral grounds
    [U]after I K O all 12 guards

    I hope I still have a lot of mission left. I am having good fun with this one. I have been testing a few missions and it is refreshing after playing a mission 3 times each to play something new and already hopefully de-buged.

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    Drowning in the sewers. I had one breath potion which I used to get to, I think, the Cardinal's house. I am now trying to explore rest of sewer but drown before I can get anywhere. Am I supposed to have more breath potions to do this or just find the right underwater path to find air again?

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    Location: Wales
    I was just glad to make it there I'm afraid, I didn't go any further in the sewers.

    After 4 hours actual and shortly to be forcibly removed from the pc, I am currently going slightly demented looking for
    Pond Key 4. I have one from the lava bit, one from those green fly spitter thingies and 1 from one of the other things (with the tail) who's name I can't remember.

    Have a feeling there's many more hours of exploring still to do.

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    Location: Cambridgeshire UK

    No - the house comes after the vault. You get to it via the tree houses after the first group of tunnels.

    joanieS - you don't need a breath potion if you can find the correct route.

    nickie - one of the chaps walking round the corridors is wearing it
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    Location: Germany
    If this isn't one of the top contenders for the mission of the year award I don't know which one is.

    Thanks for an engrossing and varied mission, that gets better and better!


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    The banned user, not the game
    Registered: Dec 2007
    i figured it out,beat mission
    3/5 secrets,11106 loot out of 11681

    took me 3 hours and 38 min to win it

    amazing mission,bbb has always been my fav fm map maker

    but only one thing bothered me,how certain gates wont open untill you do certain things as in readables,it had me so confuised on what to do next and back tracking a ton,over all i like the mission alot

    thank you so much bbb for the amazing mission
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    Location: Melbourne
    A bit over 3 hours into it and having a break so I can let the RSI in right hand settle down and enjoy the rest of this absolutely wonderful mission later on.

    bbb, you have a fine touch. Thank you.

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