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Thread: 1000 clues that you have been playing thief way to much ...

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    #1439: You cannot look at a building without noting how lightly guarded it is.
    #1440: When you accidently lock yourself out of your house, it is not a problem.
    #1441: You deliberately lock yourslf out of your house, just so you can break back in.
    #1443: All the expensive stuff you own is in secret compartments.
    #1444: Several people at school/work are convinced you are stalking them.
    #1445: Several people at school would be convinced you were stalking them if you ever let them notice you.
    #1446: When on holiday in London, you suddnly realise how cool it would be to go roofclimbing... (True story.)
    #1447: When you dream about flying, you dream you have to press SHIFT+Q first.
    #1448: You get a couple of those Mechanist angel statues specialy made because they look so cool.
    #1449: You realise how much easier roofclimbing would be if you set the friction level of those red tiles to 1.0
    #1500: You refuse to do this because it would make it too easy.

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    Keeper Mallinson

    #1501: You cite chants from Mechanists, Hammerites and Karrus himself while in the shower. Heheh, yes I have done it.

    "To the Master Builder upon the ground, and he saw that the ground was good, and clean. No grasses marred his path, nay, not a whisp or vilest weed did spoil his view."

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    Keeper Iggles

    You think in Hammerite-talk

    The sunlight hurts your eyes

    You look at old churches and wish that they had wooden roofs so you could get in with rope arrows.

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    #1503 - You wander round your house at midnight and wait for some one to come looking for you and say 'I shall find thee ere long craven'.
    #1504 - Everyone you meets seems to be talking to you in the apebeast voices. Thiefsie Mousie.

    Apologies if any of these have appeared before

    No Mini-Me we do not frob our kitties that way.

    Official Midget of the SPCB. So there.

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    Here's one that some might do.....
    #1505-You tend to give the finger to each spider you encounter both in the game or in real life, and then proceed to hack them to death(in real life too).
    #1506-You develop a distaste for crayfish
    #1507-You wish you could send in Haunts to the school bullies.

    "Quack at dawn, quack at noon and quack in the night....what about between meal quacks??"

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    #1508 You get up to teach a Sunday school class and you begin by saying, "And the Builder said ..."

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    Keeper Mallinson, you should check out my "All the cool Mechanist stuff in one thread", to see the correct words

    sp4f- That's either "I shall spy thee ere long, thief!" or "Cease thy hiding, craven!". One or the other.

    Yup, Im in a nitpicking mood.


    "...if the foundation is weak, do you wail, nash your teeth, and ask that it repour itself? Nay, you tear it down and begin anew! So shall it be with all of my children, whether they be stone, or flesh."

    And that's without checking out my "All the cool Hammerite stuff in one thread"

    surripio ergo sum

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    1509) You actually invent a style or a way of playing thief. Here's my link:

    Damnit, stop looking at me like that folks.

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    Keeper Iggles

    #?) You are now thinking in Pagan talk."It is done!" and "Comes calling your death, manfool!"

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    Ok,I'm new to this so sorry if reapeted @@@

    1511) You seriously are considering becoming a millionaire just to give all that money to restart LGS :*(

    1512) You want to star in THIEF: The movie

    1513) If your a woman, you wonder what it's like to make love to a man with a bow.

    1514) If your a man, you wonder what it's like to make love to a man with a bow.

    1515) Your multiplayer Thief game you set up fails miserably since no one can find each other (or they all killed each other within seconds..)

    1516)The pharmacist looks at you funny after you ask him for some healing poition.

    1517) You invent a way to make a real Water arrow as well as small bottled air, which is used for Fire Departments and Divers, respectivly. You win the Nobel Prize.

    1518) Your absolutly NO fun at hide-and-go seek. No one could EVER find you.

    1519) The bow and blackjack always make it through, but you always have trouble with the sword through airport metal detectors.

    1520) You wonder where are the buttons are
    in life for Normal, Hard, and Expert.

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    The Alchemist

    1521) You spend countless hours trying to add to a "100 Signs..." related thread.

    - "Ich bin klug." -

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    1522) You have to jump to step onto crates.

    1523) Your grandfather starts sleepwalking and you throw holy water at him.

    I'm not weird, I'm different.

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    1524) You would consider it an "Honor" if Garret personally blackjacked you and stole all your money.

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    Keeper Mallinson

    The last one should actually be #1526.

    Oh, and that hymn was right, I'm pretty sure. He said it pretty clearly.

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    #1527: You hold parties, but do not turn up for them, preffering to leave taped messages lying aroud.
    #1528: As above, but you also leave a secial message for gatecrashers.
    #1529: Someone spills a few drops of brandy, and you expect it to sprout.
    #1530: You attend a fancy dress party as Garrett, but are so good at acting the part that no-one notices you.
    #1531: You plan to attend a fancy dress party as Garrett, but you dress like that anyway.

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    #1532: You've got a life-size poster of Garrett (Viktoria for the guys ) in your room.
    #1533: You have or you're working on a webpage on Thief.
    #1534: You start thinking that this thread is like a zombie... it's very old and no matter how many times it goes down, it always comes back up...

    "Ahh, early morning mist, all respectable people should be in bed now, time for us disreputable types to get to work."

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    *fuzzybo shoots the thread with a fire arrow

    (in the stomach!)

    Now try and get up!

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    When, instead of using the escalators at the mall you look for other ways to get to the second and third floors.

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    Keeper Iggles

    #1535) You wish you could talk in the Sims so you could act out a Haunt perfectly...

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    1536) You seriously contemplate re-installing the demo to Thief 2 after un-installing it 3 hours ago, only because you stumbled onto an insanely long post and decided to read all 1535 previous clues and now have an uncontrollable craving to play again...even if it is only the same Rooftop level that took you 4 hours to complete.

    1537) You still receive emails from people who have played your "Thief: The Dark Project" map for StarCraft that you made 3 years ago, asking you to add more entrance points to make it fair for the Thief.

    1538) You created a "Thief: The Dark Project" map for StarCraft.

    1539) You played my "Thief: The Dark Project" map for StarCraft.

    1540) You sent me an email about my "Thief: The Dark Project" map for Starcraft addressing the need for more entrance points!

    (I hope someone out there knows what I'm talking about with my Thief Map... I made it a long time ago, under the name of J!... ring a bell?)

    "Life sucks then you die"

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    Der Dok

    15xx and whatever

    Blackjack isn't gambling; it's a sure thing!

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    1542) You go insane long enough to recreate an image of a water arrow... like I did...

    he he he

    "Life sucks then you die"

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    Keeper Mallinson

    Heh, okay for all you newbies out here: we had this topic posted in the forum we moved to, indeed this one, and even after we hit 1000 it didn't die. In fact there was so much spirit left in it we brought it with us into our new forum. But since it was already quite long enough, we only posted the list of clues, not the things that were said besides the list.

    There was a whole issue as # 1000 was hit. We all cried because we weren't the ones. And so Fred Chook, the winner, took it off and told us to take it at will. It was I that convinced him that he deserved the famed 1000th post, and so he, jollyily, err, joyously, reposted his 1000th clue, but restated it, as you can see in page 2. It all went from there.

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    1541: Even though your a shocker and seriously suck at playing thief (haven't even stolen the scepter yet.....) you still spent 2 days reading all 1500 + "clues you've been playing thief too much" and then posting to it even though you have an Engineering Maths test that you _have_ to study for on Monday 9am.....

    -edit: fixed typos...

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    1542 Stumbles onto this board and reads trough this whole thread. Then decides to become a new member, just to make sure this thread doesn't fall the default board.

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