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Thread: 1000 clues that you have been playing thief way to much ...

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    #1664 A campaign is started to keep a thread like this alive.

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    1665: You sign said petition several times under different names...

    1666:...each thief related.

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    1667: You hope to god that no one ever creates a "1000 ways to know you are playing Half-Life way too much" thread - #435: You no longer play Thief (AAAAAAAUUUGHH!!!)
    1668: You believe that this thread will undergo a Y2K crisis when it reaches 2000. Hey, it wasn't supposed to go over a thousand!
    1669: You wonder how people keep on thinking up new and original posts for this thread.
    1670: You realise that the previous one was already listed 67 times.

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    Oh dear lord...
    this thing is still alive?



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    1671--You realize all thats being written is reiterations of each other's like/infatuation for Thief.

    1672--During masturbation you conjure up a mental picture of Basso The Boxman's sister.

    1673--You believe The Potted Plant, and retake up a quest to bring back the Hood and Cloak.

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    1674: You join a clan.
    1675: You wage a clan war on a message board.

    And a comment on 1672:
    OH MY That's Funny <IMG SRC="laff.gif" border="0">

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    Yeouve heard of chiking the chicken, well taffers Bash the Boxman <IMG SRC="shake.gif" border="0">

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    1676: You actually know what Khamoon and The Potted Plant are talking about. Actually, that might just be from browsing the forums way too much not playing Thief. Sorry

    Go visit the cloak and hood thread!
    Keep it alive!
    Keep them alive! And in style!

    Play crikket, everyone. It's good for you. And always look both ways before *WHUMP*

    *someone just blackjacked The Potted Plant to shut him up.*

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    1677: You are no longer scared of the dark;
    1678: But you ARE scared of the woods!

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    I have the bow upgrade
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    1679. <img src="" width=300 height=190 alt="Thief BIOS">
    Imagine a world without hypotheticals.

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    1680: You get a tatoo of one (or more) of the Keeper's glyphs (I've actually thought about this).

    1681: You walk around in public and look for good locations to layout all the bodies after you knock them out.

    (I need help, soon...)
    Get all recent FMs at

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    Originally posted by Brother Renault:
    <STRONG>1680: You get a tatoo of one (or more) of the Keeper's glyphs (I've actually thought about this).
    Hey THAT's a cool idea

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    Location: Ohio, the U.S.

    I just cover my Chemistry and Astronomy books with them and scratch them onto my arm with a pencil...

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    Heh, I wanted to get the Trickster's Eye tattooed on my forehead <IMG SRC="angel.gif" border="0">
    find / -name \*yourbase\* -exec chown us:us {} \;

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    1682: you begin to understand the posts all around you, and realize that for once, youre not on the outside of all these inside jokes.

    1683: You join the CIA simply to steal espionage equipment, move to Austin, and setup an elaborate Base Of Operations working Survellance and such on the makers of Thief 3.

    1684: You start a friendship, then a relationship, with one of the Programmers of Thief 3 to pump him/her for information on the game, but as you slowly get to know them better and better, you find yourself at the computer less and less, and spending time with them more and more. You break off altogether from the game, attempting to acnowledge that special something he/she has that makes you so attracted to them with hearts, flowers, candy, walks on the beach, etc.

    You both Elope, them from Ion Storm Austin, you from the Computer, to live a life of love free from rules and such, away from dimly lit screens and a world of sneaking and blackjacking, free of typing and programming, writing code and such, find a little place, simple jobs, and a simple life devoted to each other, and never look at a computer screen again because you cant tear your gaze away from their Eyes.

    Thief 3 Comes out. You never hear about it. You never know about it. Life goes on, you without a care about the world of Thief.

    In 40 or so years, with you on your deathbed, surrounded by your Loving family, a devoted lover, loving children and grandchildren, you think back on your live and cant possibly think of a mistake you made. Sometimes it was tough to make that payment, occasionally you argued with your spouse, but after it all, you cant think of anything you would ever want better or a live you could have possibly enjoyed more....And then something dim surfaces in your mind. You see smiles all around you, your family wishing you goodbye, and promises to see you whenever they get to wherever you are going now, Blackness starts to cloud your vision. you close your eyes, just for a moment, just to rest them...

    You open your eyes. Somehow youre standing, and on ground that seems familiar, but alien. A street. Night. You feel great, you must be 40 years or so younger....

    A passerby looks near where you are, and dosent see you. The shadow Obscured you smile to yourself, For you know where you are. Putting your blackjack in the back of your cloak, you crack your neck, and move under cover of darkness, knowing youve arrived in heaven, the perfect place to wait for your family to return to your embrace, Playing Thief 3 out in the first person perspective, with you as Garrett.

    And thats when you've played Thief too much. When for a wish in heaven, youre given a part of your youth, and a loved wish to accompany it.

    1685:You spend 10 minutes to read a post and instantly understand the poor Taffer who wrote it has been with his girl too often....And envy him and how he still plays the game he loves....occasionally.

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    Instead of thinking about Brittney Spears and Pamela Lee when you (censored), all you can think of is Viktoria.

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    <IMG SRC="wot.gif" border="0">

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    Wowee, didya see that?

    Now the clue number is even further out <IMG SRC="shake.gif" border="0">

    [ July 26, 2001: Message edited by: Seymour_Gibbs ]

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    Uh oh, someone got Lytha-ized. What did you say to make her angry Wolf? You haven't even posted on this page!

    Wow, Khamoon. I'm still trying to figure that one out.

    *Awards Khamoon the Longest 1K Ways Post Award, and the Award for Philosophical Thinking.*

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    #1687 I believe:

    You start talking to the game.

    See to understand what I mean.

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    #1688 You revisited Lytha's screenshot back on clue #1088 until you figured out where it was (without cheating by searching through the game).

    #1689 You then knew the answer to #1089 (name of the building in the screenshot), but you were annoyed with yourself that it took you so long to figure out #1088.

    #1690 It bothered you enough to get you to delurk and post a message to this thread.

    #1691 You're annoyed that you had to check the map for #1090 (name of the building the player is standing on), especially since you qualify on #1094 and #1095.

    #1692 You debate with yourself whether you qualify on #1096, even though you remember how to get to that location, because you think there's probably a better way to get there.

    #1693 ...all of which means you've now got to go play that level again, since it's obviously been too long since you've been there.

    #1694 ...and you console yourself with the thought that you haven't been there lately partly because you've been working on a walkthrough for a different level altogether.

    #1695 You know the place that Lytha is referring to in #1097, even though you've never been there without Dromed.

    #1696 <BLOCKQUOTE><FONT size="1" face="Verdana, Arial, sans-serif">Spoiler:</font><DIV STYLE="background-color:#000080"><FONT color="#000080"> ...and you only found it in the first place because you have read Lytha's walkthroughs so many times. </FONT></DIV></BLOCKQUOTE>

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    w00t w00t! This is a good number to have! I'm happy
    #1700- You don't actually look back on the previous numbers mentioned because you are "too tired".

    #1701- You figure if this thread continues to be revived some day it will eventually reach 2000! And after many calculations you've decided that it will be about 5 years from now.

    #1702- You have just discovered that you can actually kil spiders with your blackjack.

    #1703- You dicide touse only your blackjack as a weapon and ditch the sword since its more fun that way.

    #1704 - You want you sword back when you try to kill a haunt with a blackjack (a real challenge).

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    dw Sharga, I'll fill in the missed out numbers

    #1697: The word plum, and prety much every other fruit, has been scratched from you vocabluary, entirely replaced with plumsie.

    #1698: Your diet consists of deer legs, crunchy cheese and plumsies

    #1699: You ride a burrick to work

    ok back to normal now

    #1705: You care so much about this thread that you make an effort to get it in the right order.

    #1706: You can play the Horn of Quintus melody on the piano

    #1707: You wonder why taffball isn't an Olympic Sport

    #1708: You spend hours trying to get your Karras impression "just right".

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    Gah! I'm dumb! I though it said 1699, honest! Well thanks for fixing that anyhow

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    #1709: Instead of moving your head closer to the newspaper you try and zoom your right eye in.

    #1710: You start listening to David BOWie music a lot more often (I know, that was awful).

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