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Thread: 1000 clues that you have been playing thief way to much ...

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    is it me or this thread is pretty stupid ?

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    Is it me or the person who posted above me is very stupid?

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    Well I wouldn't say very stupid, but he is ruining a very enlightening and long running thread. Something of which I'm sure we'd all like to get back to...

    2012: You're on the subway going to work. You get bored so you click a few commands on the imaginary keyboard and you load up your saved game on top of angelwatch tower, you then proceed to jump off.

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    #1 taffer:

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    yes I am stupid, yes I am very stupid, yes yes yes I am very stupid, rofl, oh yes yes yes, just repeat that in your mind and yes yes I am above you SE I am always on top of you rofl

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    ^ I think that speaks for itself.

    Do lay off the 'shrooms, they're bad for what few braincells you still have.

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    Woa.. Is this old thread still alive?? I`ll be damned!

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    It's been mentioned so many times it doesn't hurt to mention it again. This thread is like a zombie: it falls, then it gets back up. Your forum nick proves the point

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    2113) You check in with this thread enough to point out that the last few people to contribute misnumbered their clues and thus correct it w/this post.

    2114) You discover a few rogue taffers starting a new post different in name only (it's titled "You know you've been playing Thief too long when...") over in the Fan Missions forum and try to convince them to add their submissions to this thread so we can reach the coveted 3000th clue plateau.

    2115) You are confident that the only possible reply to #1 taffer's question is: "Yes, it's you who are pretty stupid". (Sorry, but you did ask and in the longest running thread in the forum to boot; common sense should've answered your question before you even posed it)
    "That I an accessary needs must be
    To that sweet thief which sourly robs from me."
    William Shakespeare, sonnet 35

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    2116) When looking around corners, into the distance or trying to spot hidden secret switches, you unconciously move your head to try and really look under that table or around that corner (I do this everytime).

    I can't really be bothered to read all the other pages, 4 of them took long enough ;)

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    2117) You blackjack people in the real world and are completely confused when they regain consciousness after only a few minutes and walk around complaining about a headache.

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    nice one, newbie!
    "That I an accessary needs must be
    To that sweet thief which sourly robs from me."
    William Shakespeare, sonnet 35

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    2118: You walk into an herbal remedy store and you begin searching all the spice bags for gold.

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    2119) There's a fire in your house and you try to escape through the window but you need about fifty attempts to get this damn crouch-jump right.

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    #2120 You forced one of your friends, who plays the sheriff in a wild west V:TM live-action game, to name his character Gorman Truart. (true, although he doesn't get the reference. But me and my thief-playing boyfriend still go into hysterical giggle fits whenever we call him by name, which will probabley get our characters killed sooner or later. Probably sooner.)

    #2121 You make your DM boyfirend create an entirely new character class in D&D so you can play a keeper. (yep ^_^)
    "To me, you are an NPC in the game if life."

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    My first try...

    Ok I hope this is original and does'nt suck

    #2122: You become the 1000th person to list "Order of the Hammrites" as your religion in the local STAT survey. Thus making it the official religion of your beloved Bolivia.
    (Break the Code Below)

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    2123)You are walking home a dark night, and a big person is following you. You get afraid because you think he will take one of you eyes.

    2124)When you parents come home, you turn off your thief game, and sneak around in your house to see how long you can ran around without being seen

    2125)You stand on a high ramp and think: ‘’I don’t think I lose any lives if I jump down from This place ’’
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    Originally posted by Tobacco

    2125)You stand on a high ramp and think: ‘’I don’t think I lose any lives if I jump down from her ’’
    Her?? Who?
    I'm not a bad guy, I just play one in real life.

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    Location: Canada, eh?
    OMG!!! Why won't this thread die? DIE DAMN YOU DIE!

    2126) if you hear a person with a nasal voice, you seal them in a metal box
    2127) you think Ignatius' latest idea,Thief 3: The Cart Project???
    is great, so you actually spend the time and make that game.

    btw, kudos, Ignatius!

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    Ups… I was thinking in my own languish

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    Location: Jersey City
    Inspired by something that actually happened to me tonight:

    2128) You're playing Thief and you're surrounded by huge spiders. Then out of the corner of your eye you see a real, quite scary, black spider crawling up the chair just above your shoulder. He stops because he senses you sensing him (spider sense tingling?) You are terrified of spiders both real and computerized. You slowly sneak yourself away from the real spider just as you are doing in the game even though your normal reaction is to scream like a little girl and jump up and run as fast as possible.

    2129) You realize by doing this you've abandoned your keyboard and are hearing one of the game spiders heading for you (Garrett).

    2130) You brave returning to within inches of the real spider just to get Garrett out of harm's way.

    2131) The real spider shrieks and hisses like the ones in the game.

    2132) You scream like a little girl and jump up and run away as fast as possible.

    2133) The real spider jumps on your mouse and guides Garrett back into the other spiders.

    2134) Garrett turns around for the first time in the history of the game to face at the screen (cutscenes don't count).

    2135) He shoots a broadhead at the real life spider sitting on the mouse.

    2136) The computerized spiders jump out of the screen to aid their fallen comrade.

    2137) They look at you: very pissed off.

    2138) The spiders start to chase you around your house while the "Benny Hill theme" plays.

    2139) You knock over your drink in an attempt to electrocute them.

    2140) They avoid going near the puddle after the first one drowns and start to go around it.

    2141) You yell to Garrett to help you.

    2142) He, of course, ignores you now that the spiders have left him and he is free to grab what they were guarding.
    "That I an accessary needs must be
    To that sweet thief which sourly robs from me."
    William Shakespeare, sonnet 35

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    2143) You remember Mr. Croft before he became Nedan and you miss the flame wars.

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    2144) You call out "Quit taffing around" or "I shall spy thee ere long, villain" when playing hide and seek with young relatives.

    2145) You go to see the circus (with the same young relatives) and watch the acrobatics. Someone asks "How do they keep their balance" and you reply "The essence of balance is detachment. To embrace ones cause, to grow fond or spiteful, is to lose ones balance, after which no action can be trusted" without thinking.

    2146) You work out the trick to sneaking around in thongs.
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    2147) You hare read all the 2146 clues in this thread.
    2148) You have climbed every high spot in either game and are still looking for higher ones.
    2149) You get bored climbing everywhere because it has all become so easy and you get atop Angelwatch in less than 15 minutes.
    2150) You start counting the number of clues to number 2500 although it's still 350 posts away and plan to make that post.
    2151) You wonder why the thread still hasn't been renamed to "10.000 clues ..."
    2152) You wonder why some of the items posted before are worth mentioning at all.
    2153) You wonder if the #1000 double post will ever be corrected.

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    2154) You think it is so important not to miss a single number in this thread that you risk getting bashed for double posting.
    2155) You know how to be killed by a door.
    2156) You think you are too clumsy to play thief because you need the second hand to hold down the keys Q, V, E, D and SPACE in the correct order.
    2157) You consider buying a new keyboard because you old one can not handle certain 5-key combinations, just to improve your "door transgression" skills.
    2158) You spend a lot of time pondering if "keyholing", "door transgression" or "door transmigration" is the correct term.
    2159) You jump up and down because you have walked through your first closed door.
    2160) When a locked door bars your way you never look for keys but employ "door transgression" because "it's much easier and faster".
    2161) You get bored by walking through doors ans start transgressing windows instead.
    2162) You have been killed by the same door more than thousand times.
    2163) You commit suicide frequently because it's the easiest way to see the mission stats.
    2164) You know there is a console command to commit suicide.
    2165) You never use that command because you find it much more convenient to let the next door kill you.
    2166) You have looked through the locked cathedral doors in "The haunted Cathedral".
    2167) You are disappointed because there is no room behind the doors.
    2168) You actually know what this "looking/walking thorough solid objects" stuff is all about.
    2169) You have been inside the cathedral in THC.
    2170) You don't even notice Murus in "Return to the Cathedral" and haven't completed his tasks in years.
    2171) You like to enter the cathedral in RtC through the cloister gate.
    2172) You feel like a lamer when you use the talismans to open the cathedral in RtC.
    2173) You run circles around two haunts for half an hour, hoping that they kill each other by accident with their swords.
    2174) You are improving your movement skills while circling around a haunt, trying to lead him into the shots of an apparition.
    2175) You are frustrated because neither works to harm the haunt and instead try to push him off a high ledge in order to kill him.
    2176) You wonder how many missions in thief gold can be completed in less than two minutes.
    2177) You are bored by missions that you can not complete in less than three minutes.
    2178) You hate thief gold because the three new missions take much more time to complete on average than the old missions and thus ruin your plans to complete the game in less than an hour.
    2179) You finally find out how to complete thief gold in less than an hour anyway.
    2180) You think Lytha has deserved a medal for inventing keyholing.
    2181) You have beaten "Undercover" dozens of times but have forgotten how to extend the bridge to the talisman years ago because you always strafe-kangaroo-jump over there.
    2182) You hate some mission designers because their levels have a "low" sky that prevents you from climbing really high.


    2183) You grin like a madman because you made the 500th post in this thread

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