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Thread: 1000 clues that you have been playing thief way to much ...

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    Registered: May 2008
    Location: Southern,California
    #3655 you believe you are garrett's son and want a dna test to prove it

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    Registered: Oct 2016
    Location: The Mystic's Keep
    #3656 You order craybeast instead of crayfish at a seafood restaurant.

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    Registered: May 2008
    Location: Southern,California
    #3657 You stare at a popcorn ceiling and see a keeper glyph.

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    Quote Originally Posted by downwinder View Post
    #3657 You stare at a popcorn ceiling and see a keeper glyph.
    A sign you need to lay off the spice

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    #3657 You post to this thread at least once a year.
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    Registered: Oct 2013
    A sign you have played Thief II a lot is when you go back to Thief Gold then keep forgetting yourself and trying to pickpocket the arrows off archers.

    Oh, and you keep pressing your T2 zoom in key.

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    Location: San Diego, CA
    3658. You play hide and seek with your five year old and as you listen for her steps you visualize the “E” key as you tilt right to look around the tree you're hiding behind.

    True, btw, just happened today.
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    Location: Boston MA
    3659 - you live in the Boston area and on the way to a Red Sox game with your son, you stop on Cambridge Park Drive and sit outside the old Looling Glass office for a moment of silence. He says “why the heck are you stopping here?” When you tell him, he totally gets it as he is a big a thief fan.

    3660 - since all you do is play Thief, your wife leaves you and on the way out she says “goodbye Garrett.” You say “goodby Victoria.”

    36)1- you look at pictures of a friends trip to Europe and instead of paying attention to what he is saying, you are thinking “wow, nice textures.”

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    Location: Leipzig (Germany)
    You must go to supermarket to buy some convenience food. You realize that the way is very long. At this moment you press your inner SHIFT-Key to accelerate your walking speed but nothing matters.

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    Registered: Jan 2011
    Location: Wild and Wooly West of Ireland
    #3662 At your High School reunion, you meet up with some of your fellow class mates, who have excelled in every aspect of their lives, careers and relationships. The conversation turns to your greatest achievements, and you are DAMNED proud to announce that you once completed Return to the Cathedral on one health bar for pretty much the entire mission.

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    Registered: Aug 2012
    Location: Taffing in a pub
    #3663 When Someone drops a gold plate loudly and you say "BY THE BULIDER'S HAND!!".

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    Registered: Mar 2007
    Location: Krull Island, in the pub
    #3664 When it's the first working day of the week and in the office you say to yourself: "I shouldn't be here. I should be at the game, or something"

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    #3665. You publish your own first aid pamphlet dismissing bandages, splints, plasters etc in favour of a healing potion or eating a lot of food.

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    Here you go, taffers.

    Not all of them are in, but that should be enough for now

    Feedback welcome.

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    Very good. Thanks. I have never pressed Random button so frequently.

    #3666. There is no such thing like Avoidance personality disorder. It is just the virtue of taking care of your light gem working properly.

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    Registered: Aug 2009
    #3667. You launch a murder-for-hire business on the Deep Web, called "Quince and Jacow's"

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