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Thread: TTGM Training

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    TTGM Training

    Amazing little bit of training by Belboz. Can't seem to find all of the loot though.
    anybody ever notice the head on the back of the basketball hoop?

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    I never noticed it. Dang now I need to play again.


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    Dangit where is that last 200 loot.

    050g Silver nugget behind tapestry
    100g Gold nugget behind tapestry
    100g Gold nugget in Frog Pond
    050g Canopic Jar in Trap room

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    Found the lost 200 loot.

    When at the archery range, hit the bullseye multiple times to get one gold nugget (100g). Get to the other gold nugget (100g), use the fire arrows to light all of the torches (there are 6, five at the fire arrow range and one over the entrance to the courtyard)

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