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Thread: United Bank of Audale 12/24/07

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    @ Gillie - You'll find the small gate key above the cafe next door. There are 2 attic rooms with different access points and it's the one nearest the church.

    @ redleaf - mxleader mentions the key problems in his first post. IIRC, the one key that doesn't work properly is the key for the window. The other keys have confusing names so try each key in turn. See the post to Gillie if you want to check you have the small gate key.

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    Gillie: Yes, yes, yes, and yes! I got all that stuff -- the combination, which is the year I was born, so easy for me to get right, did nothing at the ATM. And I did try ALL the keys on the gate and the window!

    Nickie: I found all the cafe areas easily in the beginning, but nothing I found there works on the like it's supposed to. I think I'm just going to call it "game" even though I'm a few hundred short.

    MX: Lots of nice stuff in this mission! Don't be discouraged by the problems. I look forward to more from you!

    Gloria: You musn't give up so early! Imagine how great you'll feel when you can say, "I DID IT! I DID IT!" Plus, I think you'll like what you find below. (Sorry, no zombies, however)

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    Sorry to hear that Redleaf. The key found in the cafe attic worked on the small gate for others, although the useful key didn't work for anyone. You seem to have had a more buggy version than others which is a shame.

    The chimney was a bit tricky, it reminded me of the famous 'ledge' but once you get the right spot it works. I hope Gloria has another go. Just come down the roof more to the right side of the chimney than the middle or left and mantle just before you reach it and it should be OK. Its a bit like the 'take one step back before you mantle' mantle!

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    The mission is so good! I look forward to more too.
    I had problems with one key.
    I was sure I had the key for
    The small gate before. I lost a save I think
    I will go back and see
    As to the ATM I don't know. @redleaf had you though of reloading it.
    Did you find
    the warehouse safe
    Gloria I tried over and over for that bit as well.
    Edit: I just replayed it
    I opened
    the window with the small gate key
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    I can't fulfill the Thief Gold objective. The only tree I see is the Christmas tree in the hotel, and it won't tick when I put it under it. I've tried in several different places under the tree, in front of it, etc. It just doesn't work. I even tried putting it under the little tree in the bank on the counter. Am I missing something?


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    No, you're not missing anything - that was always tricky. It was trial and error around there. IIRC, I think there were some large presents on the left of the tree. Stand reasonably close to them facing the tree and try from there. Also try standing back a bit further than you'd think. That's probably not a lot of help but sometimes I got it straight off and sometimes it took several tries.

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    I finally got a chance to play this. It is a really nice mission and I loved all of the lights and decorations scattered throughout. The only trouble I had was with the chimney. It took several attempts before I could mantle up on the right side.

    I completed all of the objectives, found all of the keys and got 3207 out of 3257 loot.

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    Better late than never. I played this for several nights, retracing my steps many times, sniffing for loot. I agree with all that the chimney was too hard and that the loot was hard. I finally got it all. I had a real problem with the Thief Gold objective. Then I came here and read nickie's clue about the tricky placement, which did it. I never did find a key for that catwalk window, so I bashed it. Anyway, it was interesting and fun enough that I was glad to spend a lot of time hunting.

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    I'm 2857 so far and really cannot locate the ring by the pool. Can anybody give a straight spoiler?

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    The ring by the pool is on a little wooden table. It is really hard to see, which wasn't my intention.

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    OMG......I had been "scanning" all the, hope this ring is enough to make me complete the loot goal.

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    My first FM SPOTLIGHT is about this mission >>>HERE<<<

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    Loved the x-mas theme of this mission with the music level set just right, so many keys! I hope li'l Timmy enjoys his gift!

    1 hour 33 min to get Loot:3257/3257 Pockets Picked:18/18 Secrets 1/1

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    replayed mission ,loved the christmas look,but i came up 93 loot short,went back through entire mission to find it but no luck found the only secret,also once you drop gift for timmy and it triggers you can pick it back up and take it with you :P,i wanted it more then timmy

    also the plack on wall once you get to new area had me a bit scared when reading it

    fun mission

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