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Thread: Moss Arrow + Secret Door Problem

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    Moss Arrow + Secret Door Problem

    Hi !

    I have a strange problem.

    I made a secret door on the floor. It looks like the floor and opens upwards, like a hydraulic ramp.
    When I shoot a moss arrow on the door, the door doesn't open anymore. It sounds like it's opening, but
    it stays closed. The moss arrow spore things doesn't seem to work correct either.

    I cannot figure out why.

    Any ideas ?


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    It's probably getting blocked by the moss instead of pushing it. Check the "Push Mass" in your Door:Rotating property. For comparison, most doors have it set as 25.00, including the stock sewer grate that also opens upwards.

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    ? Is this going to be a sequel to Hellerhouse?

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    The moss arrow spores doesn't work on doors. I noticed the same problem when I shot a moss arrow onto the top of a whbaydoor1. When the door closes the moss slides off to a location where it prevents the door from opening again.

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    I tried to change puss mass to 100. The same.

    I think, I'll change the material to stone, so you don't have to use a moss arrow.

    It's not a sequel to Hellerhouse. I'm amazed, that someone knows this mission. And sad how old I am....

    The new mission is almost betatest ready. Next week maybe.

    The moss arrow thingy is one of the bugs, that I encountered.

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