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Thread: T2 FM, DooM Dec/07

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    T2 FM, DooM Dec/07

    For those wishing to walk down Memory Lane, here is DooM.

    This FM only makes up the first two missions of the original shooter, and was done primarily for nostalgic reasons. Older taffers may appreciate it more than the younger crowd. Although the FM faithfully reproduces the architecture, some liberties were taken to accomodate the Thief world.


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    Thanks Ricebug

    I used to love this game. Good times.

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    This should be fun! I love Doom.

    Mirrored here.

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    Aha, just got done playing, pretty fun!

    It's also at

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    The banned user, not the game
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    i enjoyed it but it needed some of those red metal spiders that shoot razor blades in area where lights flickered,very nice mission:P

    i found the mines

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    Thank you, Ricebug

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    Arhhh! Very nostalgic. Good work!

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    Good job! One of my first PC games, Doom. Thanks for the effort!

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    Interesting...I wonder if any of the old COMPET-N guys play Thief...they'd load this one up and spend the next five years trying to outspeedrun each other. Where's Kai-Uwe, Peo and Yonatan when you really need them?

    ...never mind. Thief away, gents.

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    Wooooo thank you!!!

    I lost my DooM CD's years ago....
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    Awesome. Awesome to the max.

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    Ricebug. That's really nostalgic. The first game I played on PC was Doom. Maybe you could try to make this nostalgy on SS2 because like Doom it has projectile weapons.

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    Just beat it. Took me 14 minutes 23 seconds But the thing is, I died like a trillian times (ok not too much and of course that is an exaggeration) this map is actaully really hard! Note to self, and everyone else: Don't ever (and I mean ever) go to the secret outside area. You'll get owned in the face. Well, you might survive if you run your ass off, but its not worth going in there for. One time I went out there and...

    I ran all the way to the other side, hid in a corner, and watched as the Tree Beasts and the Iron Beasts battled each other out. Of course the Iron Beasts won the battle easily.

    The only gripe about this is that it technically was one level, because you didn't make the end switch for level one make you beat the map, and then go to level two. I ended up quicksaving in the nuclear plant part, because I hated having to start all the way over. Overall though, interesting idea, and great attention to detail. I'm a big Doom fan, and so I guess that makes me a bit more critical than some.. Anyways though, thumb up to you Ricebug.

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    Like I wrote in the ReadMe file, this was strictly an exercise in nostalgia. I re-created both DooM and DooM II, using the Quake 2 engine, and I didn't want to repeat that nightmare. (64 maps)

    Before doing this Thief conversion, I went back and played the first 10-or-so levels of the original, just to get a feel for what might be worthy of DromEd-ing. Truthfully, most of the levels just couldn't "work" for Thief. Especially, the end game missions.

    Glad everyone likes it. On to another FM...


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    Really LOVED IT

    Well you got what you were trying for..Totally GREAT walk (or slink) down memory lane

    DOOM was the real reason i've been so in love with Quake CTF for now..13 years and i'm still running my Quake CTF clan here in Quake 4..all thanks to the GREAT DOOM that got me going

    Thanks for the Memories your FM brought back

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    Uh, what does doom have to do with quake 4?

    Ricebug, you mentioned a total conversion of doom and doom 2 into quake 2! I'd like to know more about that! Would you happen to have a copy!?!? I might try that out.

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    The DooM/Quake2 conversions can be found here.

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    Cool, thanks

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