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Thread: Thief I + II Sound effects enhancement pack

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    Thief I + II Sound effects enhancement pack

    Hi TTLG community!

    For the past few months I immolated my freetime to care about the SFX sounds from the first thief series. In times when processors are running in Ghz, we don't need to deal with noisy 8 bit ADPCM-compressed soundfiles at 11 or 22 kHz, like they were used in Thief 1 or 2.
    So I took various tools from my computer and edited the soundfiles. This includes resampling, equalizing, noise reduction, complete sample replacement (e.g. from Thief 3 or Apple Garage Band) or brilliance enhancement.
    The result can be heard. Sounds are much cleaner and more detailed than before and so bring an more realistic atmosphere into the game.

    Still not convinced? Click here for a comparison video.

    Download links:

    Thief 1 (incl. Gold) Sound Effects Enhancement Pack (133 MB)

    Thief 2 Sound Effects Enhancement Pack (166 MB)

    The installer replaces files in the snd.crf file (backup will be created before automatically). I have only tried it on my own PC without problems. If you experience any, please report them to me. Thief will propably need a few moments longer to load, but that shouldn't be too bad, I think.

    Update Version 1.5 (2012-12-27):
    - New installation routine that checks the existence of snd.crf in both RES and CRFS folder before continuing
    - many Thief 3 sounds (doors, foot steps) exchanged with restored Thief 1/2 sounds
    - various sound fixes (e.g. tension1.wav for Thief 1)

    And now have fun!

    - CoK
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    You probably used the german version. Is there any difference to the english version of TG/T2?

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    COOL!! I'll try it when download is done

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    I put these up on Southquarter as well, right at the top of the page:

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    Quote Originally Posted by fibanocci View Post
    You probably used the german version. Is there any difference to the english version of TG/T2?
    No, I don't think so. At least not with the sounds in the SFX folder (esp. Thief 2).

    I updated the Thief 1 sound package a few minutes ago, because there was the wrong menu sound. Fixed that now.

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    Might we get a .zip file with the raw audio?

    I don't really feel the want or need to modify my current installs and to be perfectly candid there's no way I'm running an .exe submitted by a new forum member with (from what I know) no track record.

    But I am intrigued with the project and might find it usefull for including select bits in future FM's. I'm not knocking the CoK or the work. I'm just wary, that's all.

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    I agree, I certainly won't be "installing" anything like this out of the blue, but I'm very interested and would like a manual install zip version, please please please

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    Content seems to be just fine..

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    This package also avoided some strange clicking sounds that we had in the original game. But I just told him that he was crazy to open a thread in just like that.

    PS: For those who want to know what they're facing; you probably want to have a look at the few TDP soundtrack files that I posted here some time ago. These were basically his work.
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    If you have WinRAR, you can open the exe-File with it and find another .rar-File with the wavs.
    However, if you do not like the sounds, simply go into the RES or CRFS folder, remove the snd.crf and rename the snd.bak back to snd.crf.

    I nevertheless will record some demos without and with the new wavs and post them here as well.

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    And another well deserved refreshing for Thief (s). I just downloaded and don't want that the original ones be exchanged. I have an idea to apply the package with NV's EP technique from the "darkinst.cfg" ...

    Many thanks Child Of Karras for your hard work!


    Edit: Working from darkinst as well.

    P.S. The footsteps sound blunt a bit, but not wrong.
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    I've just played through Running Interference with and without your sound pack. Your sounds are definitely better and it's no trouble swapping back and forth by renaming the files. Well done.

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    Now on Shipping & Receiving. Conversations are very good indeed.

    Two little points: footsteps are a bit quiet for my taste, and the page-turning noise is much too loud.

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    The page-turning noise, as well as all the menu sounds/music and the book-reading music, are metasounds described in dark.cfg, which consequently means they are not associated with any schemas, and thus LGS had no ability to alter their volume in game; their volume is entirely dependent on the level of the WAV file itself. That means that all those sounds should carefully be edited to maintain the same volume levels as the originals. I imagine in some cases (pageturn based on ffox's comment) your audio optimization lead to an increase in volume.

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    I just played the "Elizabeth Bathory" missions with both enhancement packs: from Cok and from NV. And it's almost like a new game. Fantastic!

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    DLing now...

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    Hmmm - I'm not sure I want new sounds! I love the sound of the original - is it different sound, or just clearer and more balanced sound?

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    Well I played an oldie, but goodie 'Just for Show' with both this and NV's enhancement pack, and let me tell you...I am happy.

    (Insert Seal of Approval here)

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    Thanks for your comments so far. I will try to fix the little things with the page turn sounds and maybe also change the footsteps in Thief 2 and reupload it.

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    I like this enhancement pack, but I very much dislike altering the ambient music which is heard in Rumford's manor corridors. Can you fix that too, please?

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    Great job Child Of Karras!

    Now it sounds much better and more realistic than before.

    But the increased loading time reminds my on the times, I played Thief 2 on my AMD K6-2. There was always plenty of time to admire the loading screen

    Ok, I tried it so far on my notebook with an AMD64 3000 Mobile so I guess on my desktop machine with an P4 @ 3,9 GHz it will load much faster...

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    I think the idea of improved audio is great, and I've tried out this pack on several missions in both T1 and T2 (No fan missions as of yet though). Since I'm not an expert on audio science, I'll refrain from technical comments - let's just say that I think the improved sounds made a noticeable and positive difference! Some of the changes might need some tweaking, though.

    My one objection is that I would like an installer that doesn't modify the original snd.crf file. Most (If not all) mods so far rely on modifying CFG files rather than the original game files - please stay with that philosophy, so that we can roll back to the original with a simple file edit job rather than deleting files and messing about with backups.

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    Well, I can create an uninstaller, though I think, renaming and deleting isn't too difficult for someone. However, this will come after I changed the mentioned points.

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    Thanks for all your hard work and time invested to bless us Thief-folk.

    It's people like you that bless us all!

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