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Thread: Anyone else get this bug in Shipping and Receiving?

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    Anyone else get this bug in Shipping and Receiving?

    When i come to Kilgore and the Hammerite, their conversation doesn't start sometimes, and they just stand in front of each other. This is pretty irritating as it means i hav to waste a flashbomb or Invisibility potion on Expert difficulty.

    Is this just a bug in the Patched Version (I've been playing without it for the past 4 years) or a consequence of playing on Expert? I can't remember if the case was the same on Expert in the past.

    The rest of the level and the convos run smoothly, BTW.

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    Never had the problem. I've been through there at least 100 times and it never happened.

    Can't help you there, but I don't recall it being mentioned as a Bug.

    There is a similar situation in Casing the Joint that is a known bug.

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    Gah, don't know what that's about then. Maybe i trigger the convo too early, though i don't go near them for ages.... and anywho they'd both dissapear into the shop if that were the case...

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    Just getting near the front doors of Building A, outside the foyer with the stairs going up to the Main Office, is close enough to trigger the conversation, but they usually end it by going inside Venik Kilgor's shop. It may just be that it loaded funny. Other things can "break" sometimes. Use it as an opportunity to improve your stealth skills.

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    I've got the same problem, I'm playing the german version on 1.1.8.
    It doesn't depend on the direction or the distance I'm approaching, they are always sort of stuck in front of that door...

    To reload the entire level doesn't have an effect on that so I guess it's a "new" bug from the patched version of Thief 2.

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    Yeh, i was thinking it might be a problem with the european version of the game.

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    How do these new bugs happen? A corrupt copy? Is it processed through some new software that accidentally creates artifacts in the code?

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    Dude, i just don't know. Nothing to get all angry about :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by jtr7 View Post
    How do these new bugs happen? A corrupt copy? Is it processed through some new software that accidentally creates artifacts in the code?
    It's usually a glitch in the save/reload procedure. Something gets corrupted in the PC memory and you save the corruption. Does it happen if you play through to that point without save/reloading?

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    I tried it out without saving/loading but the problem remains, so this is not the cause for it.

    My guess would be (and only a guess!) that they screwed something with the trap markers/triggers. They added a lot of new objects into the mission with the patch (like all those barrels and crates on the sailing vessel) and maybe and in doing so they accidental removed a trigger or something like that...

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    Here's a fixed version of patched mission where Kilgor and Uriel go into the storage after conversation.

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    @Winter Cat:

    thanks for this fix and also Party fog fix - great work! Have you fixed sth else as well (in other missions) or are you planning to?

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    I didn't replayed T2 some time, so I may not remember all the bugs. If you find any tell me, I'll try to fix if possible.

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    I think I've heard that conversation maybe twice in all the times I've played Thief 2. Most of the times I've played that level, they're just standing there looking at each other. Though sometimes the Hammerite is just standing at his starting place.

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    You don't need to waste a flash bomb or invisibility potion. If you walk up from a distance behind the guard and let him block the view, you can knock him out and get the other too. I was surprised it worked.

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