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Thread: Reviews: Dark Messiah of Might and Magic: Elements

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    Reviews: Dark Messiah of Might and Magic: Elements

    This two year-old PC game finally turns up on 360 - and it's starting to spell funny...
    Dark Messiah Of Might & Magic: Elements has shown up a little late for the party. We got our fix of brutal, first-person melée combat with Condemned when the 360 launched, and then a few months later, Elder Scrolls Oblivion came along and gave the Lord Of The Rings crowd two hundred or so hours of epic goblin-bothering. Oh, and then there was Shivering Isles, which lumps another fifty or so hours onto the original.

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    Does anyone know if this will be a 360 exculsive, or will the PC crowd get the extra content it deserves having been treated like beta testers?

    Not that I didn't love the game, but I'm not forking out for a 360 and a second copy of DM just so I can play the proper game. Besides, I don't think I could control it on a joypad.

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