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Thread: T2 FM: All for a Night's Sleep (v1.1 available) 2008.03.10

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    T2 FM: All for a Night's Sleep (v1.1 available) 2008.03.10

    Um, surprise!

    As I mentioned earlier in this thread, I've taken a long break from Dromed. After the thread, I started thinking about finishing Serious Business and realized how rusty I've become when it comes to all things Dromed. So, to get the hang of things again, I opened up an old test mission, where I'd tried out various ideas in the past, and began playing around with it. After a little while I realised it could make a nice little mission, so I began putting in the missing bits and pieces while relearning how to use Dromed. Now, about a week later, I bring you All for a Night's Sleep, my 8th FM.

    This is a small city mission, kind of a taste of what's to come in Serious Business. It's best described as short, sweet, simple and somewhat silly. Screenshots are available on my site.

    UPDATE - March 10th 2008
    The mission has been updated to version 1.1 by Vigil (see this post). If the FM hosts would like to update their archives, I'll add the links here again. Thanks!

    A big thank you to all who contributed to the mission:
    • Nameless Voice for the original windchime object.
    • Schwaa for the quill object.
    • Yandros and Vigil for the iron gates.
    • Vigil for, well, a whole bunch of things again. Pretty textures and all the other new objects; the map, sky and other graphics; writing most texts and proofreading the few I did; plenty of ideas and suggestions; some tweaks and scripting; plus getting as excited as me about the mission.
    • Winter Cat for Thief 2 bugfix suggestions.
    • The beta testers of the mission: Rustibus, Spitter, TF, Vigil and Yandros.
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    Morrgan's Dark Projects: my FMs and FM reviews - 10.03.2008: All for a Night's Sleep updated to v1.1

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    I am starving! finally a new FM, downloading...

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    d. 30.4.16 Always remembered
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    What a nice surprise! I have just downloaded it. Thanks!

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    Ups! That's a surprise, I'm on it. Thanks!

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    FINALLY a new fm
    thanks a ton!!

    can't be me, i washed a few days ago

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    Thank the Builder !!

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    Alright! DL speed is decent for me, no problem. Thanks for your hard work Morrgan.

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    Praise the builder!... and Morrgan...

    Can't wait to download and play it later at home.

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    i finished it
    it was nice for a short one!
    thanks again

    can't be me, i washed a few days ago

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    It's up at Southquarter:

    Sweet, the drought is over...

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    Thanks a bunch Brethren, I put the link in my first post.

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    Qualify that, Brethren - not just over, but OVER WITH A NEW MISSION FROM MORRGAN!

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    Great to see you back at it, Morrgan! Thanks.

    Mirrors here:

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    That's really good news Morrgan

    I'll be getting it as well after a bit. Hope it will play on this very outdated computer. It will play many but mostly older ones as such...if it won't, then I'll just have to get it again later when I get my other machine back. Thanks for making it anyway and appreciated by the many!

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    d. Dec 2017
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    Beautiful little game. Thank you Morrgan! Had all the elements I like in a game; roping and climbing, rooftops, secrets, well designed. It would be great if you could make it into a larger game. Is that what you have in mind?

    Played on Hard the 1st time and missed some money and one secret.
    I'll check for it later.

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    I needed this!
    For special reasons!!!

    Gloria Creep
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    942 loot on expert 1/2 secrets,i got a idea on how to get to the other secret if it is hard to get to?

    i liked this mission alot might be smaller but it packs a punch and i still got more loot and a secret to find

    great job
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    What a lovely fun mission. Love the whimsy of it, who could perloin the undergarments! ;->

    Great layout, beautiful little town, all the right elements. Nice job Morrgan. I got the bonus, and optional objective, expert 862 out 1022.

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    Mirrors at the Keep:

    EDIT - updated links with version 1.1, March 10 2008
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    "For the Love of the Game"

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    Hey thanks! Seems like it's been so long (when it really hasn't).

    Gonna run through it in the morning.
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    Great!! A new FM!! Thanks Morrgan!! Downloading now...

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    Great small mission. Thanks a lot, Morrgan.

    Hihi. Found 2. secret. It's not hard to get there and it's wet

    Still missing 50 loot...

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