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Thread: T2 FM: All for a Night's Sleep (v1.1 available) 2008.03.10

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    This was a very enjoyable mission but I wished it had been longer!! The setting and town layout was great

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    Quote Originally Posted by Queue View Post
    Did you find it, yet?

    If not: One of the ladies must have lost an item while bathing.

    Out right spoiler: Look in the pool next to the steaming pool of water and get the ring.
    Yep, found it. I didn't realize it was a secret. Thanks.

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    This is a nice little mission. The design is top notch. Your artistry wasn't too rusty.

    Sad to hear about the discontinuation of the Greyfeather Gems finale. I only hope you reconsider. I'll be a holdout till my compatible hardware dies. (Though, if you are still designing missions at this point, perhaps the Dark Mod would be best...)

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    Absolutely top-notch, in ambience, architecture, climbing opportunities, shadows... however, what really made me laugh was the automap and Garrett's doodle on the 'Notes' page. That's an absolute classic.

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    Well, I must be like the dumbest, most stupid, most useless, slowest Thief player on the planet. Been through this entire thread and don't think anyone really got stuck, everyone sailed through in 30 minutes (unless they are keeping quiet about it or still playing.) That is really crushing.

    After three hours on expert I am over 200 short of loot and no secrets. Enjoyed it very much so far but can't go blindly round any more times. I have found some ingenious, difficult-to-find places that would have made great secrets - but weren't. One involved a 3 crate climb on top of a wall and gave the best vista of the skyline. If the sky floor had been finished and a railing put in it would have been a valid location imo. But no secret, no loot. No clues but 2 or 3 readables that I think (hope) are just for fun. I'd hate to study them anymore and find they are just for fun. I don't mind not finding secrets but can't finish without loot. I can check the Klatremus' loot list but then for me it's kinda pointless just to go and get it.

    What does the pub kitchen griddle open? I blind frobbed it and it sounded like a portcullis as it went down. Then I searched and searched but couldn't find anything open. The posters and main objective by comparison were straightforward and the mission so far seems completely ghostable with no KOs or water or moss essential. There is one high long fenced balcony on the east side I didn't reach but it looked empty from across the way. 2 crates not enough. Guess I could try more but it really does not look promising.

    Think I'll just put this down as one of my 'failures but probably would have succeeded on easy or hard.' list. That'll teach me not to think I'm an expert.

    But apart from my disappointment, this is an awesome mission and I can only admire every aspect as pure inspired genius.

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    The grille in the kitchen was a bug we didn't catch in betatesting, it doesn't do anything and wasn't meant to be frobbable We'll be releasing an updated version soon that fixes that and a couple of other bugs that have come up since release. (Nothing that affects how the mission plays though, so don't hold off on playing in order to wait for the update.)

    As far as loot goes... it's hard to give tips without giving spoilers. However, none of the secrets require boxclimbing or acrobatics - they're both in normally-accessible areas, both are loot, and both are a matter of careful observation. A couple of hints:
    One of the secrets is wet, and the other is heaping insult upon injury.

    It's also possible to reach the loot goal on expert without finding either of the secrets (though the secrets will certainly help you reach it!) Have you explored the green building to the east of the inn? If so, have you noticed a nearby pair of shutters?
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    Thanks Vigil - yes I did access both those places you mentioned - twice actually just to make sure I didn't miss anything! Those readables are just for fun aren't they? I mean, no cryptic clues in them?

    Thanks anyway for the secrets clues. I'll have another session (though I have already searched the river and got on that wooden platform near the waterwheel but found nothing. But it does seem I've missed a lot since the loot has all been in small pieces but I only totalled 597 and need 800 so I doubt it is one big 200 I missed but maybe several 20's and 50's? Well, the total possible is 1022 which is amazing.

    Psst... if you do an update you really want to do up that high area I mentioned and add a secret or loot - it looks great! It probably only needs some dark brushwork to cover the lower part below the horizon and put an unclimable fence.

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    The two secrets do add up to quite a bit, but like I say it's possible to meet the loot objective without finding them, and aside from them the big gains are all in plain sight... although often under lock and key or walking around. There's plenty of little loot tucked away in nooks and crannies, but those probably wouldn't add up to 200 altogether.
    There's nothing in the mission worth more than 100. By the way, did you explore everywhere in the building with the elevator?

    Could you also explain which high area you mean? Oh yes, and there are no clues in the readables, they're just "colour"
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    I think he means the same area I was curious about, on the high wall in the extreme northeastern corner of the map. I was so convinced there was something up there and that I just couldn't figure out how to get up there (with all the pipes and whatnot) that I opened in Dromed, only to find it was indeed not intended to be accessible. If you could make a way for the player to get onto the balcony across from the inn (east across the narrow alley, straight ahead if you jump down from the roof where the attic shutters are), then traverse pipes or jump/rope over the roof in between, it might make for a good secret.

    Did you guys get my email about the objective bug? Any way to figure out what caused it and fix it for the update?

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    Yes, that's right - I might have said NW area before but you're right Yandros - in the NE east where the bell is chiming. You can get up there with three crates for a nice view. And yes, that balcony is also the one I tried to reach and could be done if the fence wasn't blocked well I did get a mantle gasp from 2 crates but then fell back - so it would be easy to make that accessible from that place near Garrett's place exit - in fact it is an 'unused' area anyway as far as I can tell so it would give it 'purpose'.

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    Yandros: yup, that's the bug that prompted the update and we've fixed it. A few other bugs have come up too, and a few new touches have been added to the mission, so we could see about doing something with that hard-to-reach spot. Or would if we weren't both dying of influenza today

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    Right, mirrored it as well here: sorry for the delay - kids and stuff...

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    very nice mission, architecture was gorgeous, guards were well placed, the secrets were a bit odd I'm used to finding hidden switches for secrets but heyho a secret is a secret

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    OK, finished at last. The missing loot was all in one place. When I grabbed the chimes and slung them in the river (objective so no spoiler) it alerted the guards so instead I think I left and took it down to the river and never went back up. Mentally I thought I had 'finished' that area. One of the things that slows me compared to others is I try to avoid KOs, kills, water, and moss. I'll use 'em if I have to but the fewer then the more satisfying. If I KO'd everyone as I went along I would find it easier to search. Some tippy-tap, brightly lit areas I admit I can't search as thoroughly as I could if the AI were put to sleep. But I'm not fond of 'no kills/no KOs' missions - I like tons of weapons/ammo but only want to use them at my own discretion - never is good.

    Never found the secrets even with the clues though I scoured the river several times and the baths but they were options anyway so perfectly valid no matter how difficult imo.

    Truly excellent mission only very slightly spoilt by my own fault. Architecture, texture, AI deployment, variety, interest, sound, multi-levelability, attention to detail (even the waterwheel was turning the correct way), all packed into a small space.

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    Loved this one

    I must say that female authors have talent to create great missions...this mission has a beautifull architecture, nice storyline, captivating gameplay... all i can say is that i hope youŽll do more Maria

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    Well, it seems I'm done dying from the flu for now and am back in action. Thanks again for all the comments and suggestions!

    Quote Originally Posted by Brethren View Post
    Lots of cool places to exploit too. Not sure if anyone else did this, but right near the beginning, you can stack a few boxes and climb up to the rooftops and walk right over to the windchime!
    Haha, I knew someone would find a way to use those crates to do something like that. Glad that the mission allows for many ways to get to it though, I was trying to make it allow for as many gameplay styles as possible.

    Quote Originally Posted by northeast View Post
    Sad to hear about the discontinuation of the Greyfeather Gems finale. I only hope you reconsider.
    It isn't totally, officially abandoned yet, it's just that I don't have enough time for it at the moment and don't know what my life will look like 6 months from now. Hence it looks unlikely to be finished and I won't give any promises. We shall see where I'm at after those 6 months.

    Quote Originally Posted by Melan View Post
    however, what really made me laugh was the automap and Garrett's doodle on the 'Notes' page. That's an absolute classic.
    I'm glad you noticed it! It makes me laugh every time I see it. Thanks to Vig for that one.

    Quote Originally Posted by Esme View Post
    very nice mission, architecture was gorgeous, guards were well placed, the secrets were a bit odd I'm used to finding hidden switches for secrets but heyho a secret is a secret
    I dunno, there's many non-switch secrets in the OMs, one even in the very first mission of T2 if I remember correctly. I guess I like the idea of hiding things in the open. Everyone can't install a secret passage/compartment in their place, after all.

    Thanks for the mirror scumble, I've added it to the first post!

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    Everyone preceding me seems to have summed it up, and wrote what I would have written.

    All I can do now is tell you I really enjoyed this mission too! Thank Yew once again, Morrgan!

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    I agree! This mission was a lot of fun for me! Thanks Morrgan!!

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    Great little mission, can't wait for the Serious Business .

    Quote Originally Posted by BrokenArts View Post
    There should be a contest of this sort. Meaning, light in nature. Garrett doesn't save the world, in quoting Yandros.
    "by that I mean, just taffing around and stealing stuff and not saving the world from scheming necromancers, underground cults or evil megalomaniacs."

    Everyday life adventures, and catastrophes in the life of Garrett. Sorry for the sidetrack, couldn't help myself.
    If you haven't tried it then Tumbleweed's Just for Show is another brilliant little mission .

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    Hah, didn't he post the other day, about his mission? I will do that, TY!

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    Yeah, thanks Wille for tipping Just for Show - looks good so far.

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    15 minutes of fun! Liked it a lot.

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    thank you for this:

    very thiefy

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    Version 1.1 is now available, thanks to the valiant efforts of Mr Vigil. While I was busy with the flu and then distracted by shiny things, Vigil was kind enough to fix a bug that was found after release and then proceeded to do all sorts of other fixes and tweaks too. A full list of the changes is found in the readme.

    It's basically a shinier version of the original, but do give it a another try if you feel like finding a new way to rid the world of that pesky chime...

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    To clarify, here's what's changed in the new version:

    • There's now a (secret) alternative way to deal with the windchime. The windchime has also been prettied up and given better physics behaviour.
    • The wanted posters now look much nicer, and you no longer have to read every single one as you pick them up.
    • Various areas of the mission have been given more detail, and a couple more Garrett comments were added.
    • A new loot secret has been added, along with a new tool.
    • Some existing loot values have been rebalanced, to weight the loot amount towards earlier in the mission.
    • The main objective will now complete properly if you drop the windchime while you're already in the river.
    • Implemented Winter Cat's fixes for Thief 1-style moss arrows and fire arrows.
    • Fixed lots of little texture misalignments and other small bugs.

    So essentially it's the same mission with more lipstick! It should be worth at least a sightseeing visit to see the new details, but it will play almost exactly the same as the original version (apart from the alternative approach to the objective).

    Klatremus: I can send you a list of the tweaks to the loot values so you don't have to go checking each one again. You'll still have to find the new loot secret yourself though

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