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Thread: T2 FM: All for a Night's Sleep (v1.1 available) 2008.03.10

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    Pucker up kids, and lets go! Thanks Vigil and Morrgan

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vigil View Post
    Klatremus: I can send you a list of the tweaks to the loot values so you don't have to go checking each one again. You'll still have to find the new loot secret yourself though
    That would be great Vigil, thanks! No don't you dare give the location of the new secret! For a mission this good I want as high replay value as possible!
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    Well this is really a nice gift...

    I had kept the other one to replay at some later time again, but now that this has been spruced up a bit, got rid of the other and now have the new shinier version. Thanks Vigil for the added work. Tally ho ho ho!

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    The Circle & Darklurker mirrors here:

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    Mirrors added, thanks!

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    My site has been updated with the changes to v1.1. Two new loot items and one new piece of equipment. I absolutely loved the alternative way to get rid of the windchime, it cracked me up!

    Oh and I found the fruits this time around Vigil, I had just overlooked them the first time around. But I still did not find the 2nd moss arrow in the flower bed you pointed to. Nevertheless, this mission has the highest fun/size ratio to date.

    Thank you both!
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    Quote Originally Posted by klatremus View Post
    I absolutely loved the alternative way to get rid of the windchime,

    alternative ????

    AMAZING... i'm going to re-play it.

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    It was a gem first time around and is a gem the second time around. It encourages me, when I keep staring at Dromed, to believe that a mission can be 'small but beautifully marked'.

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    I agree with nickie--this was short, sweet, and excellent. Truly, one of the very best missions I've played recently.

    And, sterlino, you're not allowed to play it have a mission due in two days!

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    GREAT MISSION ! Thanks, Morrgan!
    Excellent architecture , great atmosphere,...
    This is the only kind of mission I love and play : just OM-like FMs instead of many other FMs around which have very little to share with the thief universe
    except for being made with dromed.
    Only missions like this make me feel the same way I did when I first played the original missions. Just Thief as it was supposed to be!

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    So beautiful work, thank you...
    BTW: infernal shame Found just 799 (!), still missing 1 secret and I'm not sure about 1 hidden goal (got and finished others) it might be found in goals.str: ...Or sure, blow it to pieces instead. It won't be singing the same tune now!

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    Naughty naughty Durinda, peeking at the goal texts! There's a hint in the readme file to what that extra goal is about, in the changes for version 1.1.
    Further hint:
    The hidden goal is not related to the secret you're missing, instead it's an alternative way of completing the main objective.

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    I know I'm late in saying this but I just downloaded your mission the other day and I found it to be one of the most visually stunning missions I have ever played. The backdrop alone with the city scape was amazing. It gave a huge sense of depth to the level, like I was actually in the city. You obviously spent some time on this and let me say, thank you!

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    Yay! 39 minutes of fun! fun! fun! I've missed one secret though, so I get to play it again! Fun mission!

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    Although I couldn't find all the loot, I was amazed at the amount of architectural detail that went into this FM. I spent a lot of time in tourist mode, just gawking at the little details.

    Now I've got to go back and do some more to my upcoming mission.


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    The lady dromeheads like detail.

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    I haven't had a chance to really play any Thief for a while, but when I loaded it up today, I picked this mission. Boy am I glad I did!

    That was a quick little round of fun! I missed a secret and about 200 loot, so I'll have to go have another look around later. Gorgeous and very enjoyable, thanks so much Morrgan!


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    This was fun! My first foray into trying out fan missions. Lots of fun. I'd be annoyed too if I couldn't get any sleep. I'll try it at a harder difficulty.

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    A Gem!!

    Dear Morrgan,

    what a little gem of a mission! I have just finished it on expert, and I found it most enjoyable. Congratulations, a big thanks for making it.

    The whole level is a beauty by itself, but the view from the rooftops is something else. It is certainly worth the climb and the effort. I spent about 10 minutes enjoying the scenery. The domes, the chimneys, and the towers, so engrossing and solid, but also somehow slightly sinister...

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    Thank you again very much for the feedback, everyone! I may not visit here very often right now, but when I do I make sure to read the comments and they are indeed appreciated.

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    Morrgan - Just played All for a Night's Sleep for the first time. What a treat! For a "fun little mission" it surely was nicely detailed and executed. Hat's off to you for a job well done. Loved it! Nice look and feel. I went through the whole thing sort of laughing to myself about the main objective. It was hard to take even the guards seriously.

    Finished with 947 loot and 2 of 3 secrets. All objectives complete including optional but never did find Farrow and Sons' Carling Street Entrance (I don't think), is there one?

    Once again, thanks for a truly enjoyable mission.

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    Great Little Mission

    The attention to visual detail was brilliant. Game structure was excellent. I thought the atmosphere was better than "Cassandra's Crossing" and the game I finshished this week, "The Seven Sisters". It only took me an hour to finish it. I may play again just to find the secrets and all the money just because I liked living there for a while. It would also make an excellent training mission for a larger game.

    Great Job and I hope you expand. Gameplay was excellent because it could be played to anyones play style. Ghosting, No Killing etc.

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    aww crud,

    started the mission and i got an error message, something about the d3d device driver not accurately reporting texture memory usage.

    can i fix this?

    (surprises the hell outta me, seeing as how whatever driver i have, it should be decidedly newer than anything the FM or the T2 is familiar with!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Garrett's Shadow View Post
    started the mission and i got an error message, something about the d3d device driver not accurately reporting texture memory usage.

    can i fix this?

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