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Thread: T2 FM: All for a Night's Sleep (v1.1 available) 2008.03.10

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    i just did what that thread said to do, i'll see if it did the trick.

    tyvm Clearing, as usual, your search & locate ability rivals Holmes!
    (and if you say "elementary", i'll say "i failed elementary"! haha!!)

    YAY! it worked! thank god i did'nt have too high a driver number for the fix to work!!
    i'd sacrifice my first born child to you Clearing, cept i don't have any! lol!
    ty again man!!!!!!!!!!

    now i am wondering how the heck do people ever find out things like something as small as just a semi-colon in one line in all that code is the culprit! boggles my mind!

    i just have to say, as has been said in here, small but powerful!
    i liken this FM to Bruce Lee's 2 inch punch!
    (short but u end up floored anyways!)

    tho i still can't seem to find the final poster!
    if they are all on walls and/or near doors, and ALL on ground level, then i need new glasses!
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    Very late to the party...

    Just a quick question, I don't have any picks or a blackjack - is that part of the mission or is my install of it messed up?
    What I've managed to play so far is very nice though

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    Firedance - get back in the room you started in, and look for a secret cache.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PotatoGuy View Post
    Firedance - get back in the room you started in, and look for a secret cache.
    I cannot believe I missed that

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    another well done mission from Morgan!

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    Thank you for this FM It's a classic roam in the city but I liked to throw the windbells in the river . The optional objective was fun to do. And yes, she won't buy another one cause now she's broke

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    I concur with all the comments about what an awesome mission this is!

    I do have a bug report, though. Whenever I grab my blackjack before I grab the first wanted poster, the optional objective to collect all the wanted posters never triggers. But, worse, none of the keys work. When I try to use them, there is no sound, and although they move to the middle of the screen, they don't unlock anything.

    Of course, this won't prevent you from successfully finishing the mission. But it will prevent you from achieving 100% loot, and the optional objective.

    Maybe this is a Windows 7 problem, or maybe it's just me. lol But I wanted to mention it because it took me quite a while to figure out the workaround (i.e., grab a wanted poster before grabbing the blackjack).

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    Just replayed this mini-classic on expert and didn't have that problem, using latest NewDark 1.22 w/FMSel on Win7.

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    Same specs as me... are you using the Steam version or GOG? ...Or did you get the CD version to run? (That last was a joke). ha ha
    I have also manually added the following files to the main Thief 2 directory:

    I also have T2X installed. None of this probably makes any difference, but it's such a huge gift to have these games and FMs to play in 2014... I want to know as much as I can about making them work properly. If that's even possible... there's so very much to it.

    Just as an off-topic example, I found that none of the in-game movies would play for me no matter what I did. I mean, I spent days researching drivers and running RegIndeo.bat, and downloading so much crap I probably didn't even need... none of it worked. The problem was that I was running Fraps before starting the game. That's it. Now I start the game (or FM) and then Alt+Tab out and start Fraps. And everything works. It's utterly crazy.


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    I have the old CDs, but have copied them onto my hard drive, then using Tafferpatcher can do a full reinstall with all fixes/enhancements in 5-10 minutes, then just add in any latest NewDark upgrade, HD texture mods, etc.

    Both scripts.osm and darkhooks.dlx are installed via Tafferpatcher, and I haven't needed libmp3lame.dll on my system since the NewDark versions.
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    Playthrough in 4K:

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    Such nice design but no blackjack and no lockpicks? ughh why do some authors do this

    Edit: They were included but hidden
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    What a nice little mission, loved it!

    Btw did Morrgan ever finish "serious business" which she mentiones in her first post here? I never came across it but its already so many years ago she mentioned it.

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