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Thread: Grand Hotel Problem?

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    Grand Hotel Problem?

    I started playing Thief 2X on expert earlier this week and have made to the grand hotel with no problems but following the walkthrough on the site I have gotten to the point where the two guards have a conversation about torture and cutting off toes but in the guide its says to get close enough but the conversation only starts once you enter that room.But there's a problem there is a lamp in the hallway, in the guide its says to put it, once the conversation starts but I can't start it since I can't get into the room with out them getting into full blown alert status I've tried putting the lamp out before I go in the room but that second alerts them and they start searching for me I have tried mossing the tile so I could run in quickly and get to the shadow right of the doorway and at most only have them think they saw me for a second but that doesn't work.What am I supposed to do,I am not ghosting and I have nothing wrong with knocking them out I just don't wanna get alert them,so what am I supposed to do with these guards.I am loving the game so far though. Never mind I somehow got into the room to start the conversation then back out to take out the light then stole his key and knocked him out,though this level and some parts of betrayal reminded me why I don't do ghosting when its not necessary for the mission.
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