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Thread: Hmm, my first Thief map. Counter-Thief. Mar. 30/08

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    Hmm, my first Thief map. Counter-Thief. Mar. 30/08

    Well, Iīve been playing Thief for a while. And I love seeing this forum. So I just couldnīt resist and decided to try that Dromed thing.

    So this is my first map. Itīs small and simple. Just one objective, kill one nobleman.

    Itīs called Counter-Thief because itīs "based" on the Counter-Strike assault map. I did the entire map this afternoon, since I couldnīt do this during workdays.

    Well thatīs it.

    Oh, and thanks to Komagīs tutorial, Valve and all you guys at TTLG !

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    Downloading with a big smile.
    It's so easy, but I can't do it.
    So risky - but I gotta chance it.
    It's so funny, there's nothing to laugh about

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    The banned user, not the game
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    downloaded ,goes off to play it ,thank you in advance.
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    Thanks Downloading.

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    Thanx, Gambit, & well done!

    Perhaps the thread-title could include the release-date: make it more obvious it's a new FM?

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    Great to have another FM author on board! I'll play it as soon as I'm done beta testing another mission. And might I suggest that, even on a smaller mission like this, you have at least one other person test it before releasing it? Sometimes your own view of the mission can be a bit skewed, for example with regards to difficulty - something you think isn't that hard because you created it and have done it 1000 times might prove frustrating to a player encountering it for the first time, or the written clues you leave might be too obscure for people not intimately familiar with the mission. And there are other examples of how testers can help make your missions better.

    Anyway, congrats on the release!

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    Nice little mission!

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    Thanks for downloading and the Komag hosting !

    Iīm already struggling with Dromed for my next map... This thing may be hard to work with but itīs surely addictive.

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    I'm supposed to be reading stories, and actually working--soooooooo....

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    NO LOOT?

    Go and make us another one IMMEDIATELY !!!

    Gloria Creep
    There're angels who playThief and angels who don't ........ both go to heaven ............
    Dare to join .............

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    The banned user, not the game
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    i use to play cs when i have the overlay for unreal tournament,i happen to remeber that map well,since i started back in the old days

    you did a excelent job,but there was one ladder that is in need of serious help :P

    also you should have made each difficulty a diffenrt type of game,for example,use dewdrop in a hostage/rescue map,the one you did ofcourse and a place the bomb map
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    Well done Gambit, I enjoyed it even though it ended kinda suddenly and I hadn't finished knocking all the black guys out. Played well, no bugs. Looking forward to your next creation.

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    I wouldn't call this a bug but...Theres a certain ladder next to a door that's comprised of several short ladders to make a long one, and I had trouble "hopping" onto the next ladder while carrying my bounty to the roof Other than that I kinda found it fun and tried to kill all the black guys without dealing a max damage of 13 =)

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    nice short fun little mission, got it down to 1 minute 33 seconds on AWP with no guards alerted

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    Link for The Circle &

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