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Thread: The Great Bargain Deals Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by qolelis View Post
    ...aaand just now I noticed there is actually a search function for the bundle: Was that added recently or did I just miss it before?
    Seems they did just add that feature. There's also a whole pile of new games added to the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality!

    Some highlights:
    Headliner & Headliner: Novinews!
    Sky Rogue
    2064: Read Only Memories
    Mu Cartographer
    Fugue In Void
    Golf Peaks
    Vienna Automobile Society

    edit: Vienna Automobile Society wasn't very good, at least not in singleplayer. Sky Rogue and Mu Cartographer were kinda meh. Golf Peaks is great tho.
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    Ooh, I've heard about this Headliner game... somewhere. Nice addition!

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    Are these new games automatically added for us to download that have already bought it?

    Edit: Yes. Yes they are.

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    And here's a list of the latest additions:

    I could also mention ISLANDS: Non-Places: I reviewed it a couple of years ago -- and liked it.

    Other highlights not already mentioned -- and that I've played in the past:
    Walden, a game
    The Search
    The Novelist

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    A few that caught my eye among the new arrivals:

    Nuclear Throne -- Vlambeer is consistently great at arcady action and this top-down roguelike shooter is no exception
    They Bleed Pixels -- a Lovecraft-flavoured platformer in the lines of Super Meat Boy
    J.U.L.I.A.: Among the Stars -- a neat little sci-fi puzzle / adventure game that I Kickst... er.. Indiegogoed

    And to think that each of these was made by two people teams.
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    do you know what else was made by 2 people teams?

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    It's fun and easy to get started, but the maintenance requirements are long term and staggering.

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    CLAM MAN is in the itch bundle now! CLAM MAN!

    You should also play No Brakes Valet. It's by the guy who made Desert Golfing so you know it's good.

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    There's also a racial justice bundle now available via Humble Bundle

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    Looks like racial justice has a time limit.

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    GOG's current mid-week sale is well worth a look (especially for any Descent fans who have yet to pick up Overload).

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    It has Evil Islands for a euro, which is an RPG I'd always recommend to anyone who likes tactical stealth games like Commands and Desperados, but feels that those don't need enough quickloading.

    I'd kind of like to make a spiritual successor to it one day.

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    There's a special sale of Swiss games right now, in honour of our upcoming National Day:

    Can't say I recognise even a fraction of those titles, mind you...

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    Humble Double Fine 20th Anniversary Bundle has a bunch of Double Fine games plus some remasters of Lucas Arts classics that Tim Schafer worked on:

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    As WingedKagouti posted over in the Arma thread:

    Quote Originally Posted by WingedKagouti View Post
    I expect everyone here already has the game, but the Humble Bohemia Interactive Bundle 2020 might be interesting for the various DLC.
    In other words, a great opportunity for anyone who's curious about Arma and interested in checking out our biweekly coop sessions.

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    The Pick and Mix bundle over at Fanatical lets you pick up Convoy for a buck or so. Don't know any of the other games.

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    GOG has a pretty good price on Darkwood right now (I'm seeing US$3.78).

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    Hard West is dirt cheap over at Fanatical for the next 37 hours or so:

    I'd buy that for a dollar! If I didn't already have it, that is.

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    Control Ultimate Edition is already going for nearly half price. ~23 euros currently. I'd link a specific store but the one I was going to link has already been beaten, so I'll just link where I found them:

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    Pretty swanky deal on Dirt Rally 2 (€12.49), which includes all the seasons, and has had VR support patched in since release.

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    Concerning VR support: how well it works seems to be a bit shaky. The first Dirt worked beautifully in VR for me, while I've yet to manage to get a reasonable frame rate with the second one. I don't think it's a problem across the board, it's just one of those things you get with PC gaming, but people should be prepared that VR performance isn't consistently good depending on your setup.

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    Rain World, a brutal survival platformer, is dirt cheap for the next 11 hours or so over at Fanatical:

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    Fanatical has a bundle that most notably features all 4 parts of Steve Jackson's Sorcery!, one of the best gamebooks ever made, for about 4 bucks or so:

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    Halo MCC is $39 NZD in the Fall sale. Helluva deal for bonafide classic games!

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