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Thread: The Great Bargain Deals Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by qolelis View Post
    ...aaand just now I noticed there is actually a search function for the bundle: Was that added recently or did I just miss it before?
    Seems they did just add that feature. There's also a whole pile of new games added to the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality!

    Some highlights:
    Headliner & Headliner: Novinews!
    Sky Rogue
    2064: Read Only Memories
    Mu Cartographer
    Fugue In Void
    Golf Peaks
    Vienna Automobile Society

    edit: Vienna Automobile Society wasn't very good, at least not in singleplayer. Sky Rogue and Mu Cartographer were kinda meh. Golf Peaks is great tho.
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    Ooh, I've heard about this Headliner game... somewhere. Nice addition!

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    Are these new games automatically added for us to download that have already bought it?

    Edit: Yes. Yes they are.

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    And here's a list of the latest additions:

    I could also mention ISLANDS: Non-Places: I reviewed it a couple of years ago -- and liked it.

    Other highlights not already mentioned -- and that I've played in the past:
    Walden, a game
    The Search
    The Novelist

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    A few that caught my eye among the new arrivals:

    Nuclear Throne -- Vlambeer is consistently great at arcady action and this top-down roguelike shooter is no exception
    They Bleed Pixels -- a Lovecraft-flavoured platformer in the lines of Super Meat Boy
    J.U.L.I.A.: Among the Stars -- a neat little sci-fi puzzle / adventure game that I Kickst... er.. Indiegogoed

    And to think that each of these was made by two people teams.
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    do you know what else was made by 2 people teams?

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    It's fun and easy to get started, but the maintenance requirements are long term and staggering.

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    CLAM MAN is in the itch bundle now! CLAM MAN!

    You should also play No Brakes Valet. It's by the guy who made Desert Golfing so you know it's good.

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    There's also a racial justice bundle now available via Humble Bundle

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