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Thread: The Great Bargain Deals Thread

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    Shadow of the Tomb Raider is on Humble right now for 75% off. The Definitive edition. Good deal.

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    It's also one of this month's PS+ games. Y'know, if you wanna play it on a console. As God intended.

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    Registered: May 2004 is having a big sale right now for Valentine's. A few discounts that caught my eye:

    Commander Keen complete pack for ~1.50€ -- for something called a complete pack, it's lacking at least a couple of games, but still, for the price of a coffee, you can get as complete a pack of this old Super Mario clone as there will probably ever be, legally.

    XCOM 2 for ~4€ and XCOM 2: War of the Chosen for ~10€ -- the popular reboot of the classic X-Com and its must have DLC. Unless you got the main game from the May 2020 Humble Choice, it's nearly as cheap as it gets.

    Prey+Mooncrash DLC for ~12€ -- this is about as good a time as any to pick up the latest immersive sim from Arkane, if you haven't yet for some reason.

    Shadowrun trilogy for ~14€ -- three games in their most complete form. Some of the most successful results of my Kickstarter patronage and well worth playing if you are either into cyberpunk or RPGs.

    The Talos Principle: Gold Edition for ~5.50€ -- can't really beat the price of free it was offered for in the Epic store, but this is the complete edition with the expansion DLC and all the extras. Must play if you like philosophical sci-fi and/or puzzles.

    Hitman: Blood Money for ~2€ -- the pinnacle of the classic Hitman series, nuff said.

    Life is Strange complete season for ~4€ and Life is Strange: Before the Storm Deluxe Edition: for ~5€ -- arguably the series that took the mantle of Telltale.

    Yooka-Laylee for ~6.60€ -- classic 3D platforming in all its clunky glory.

    Flashback for ~1€ -- a game from the mists of time that has aged quite well in some aspects. For some reason, I always liked Prince of Persia much better, but might as well have it in the library if it's that cheap.

    Prince of Persia modern series, each game for ~2€ -- one of the reboots of an old classic that actually worked and turned out to be so popular, it not only got a reboot of its own, it's now getting a remake as well.

    Wolfenstein two pack for ~9€ and Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus standard edition for ~6€ -- another successful reboot amid a series of reinventions going from a stealth adventure game to a shooter to a modern shooter to a multiplayer shooter to an RPG to back to a shooter again and now this. The series has had about half as many genre changes as it has had games, though even so, most of them have been pretty favourably received. Goes to show that killing nazis has a wide appeal no matter the setting. The newest iterations are highly playable as well and the two pack of New Order and Old Blood is an absolute steal at this price. The New Colossus is perhaps a bit of a step back for the series, but I'd say at this price the standard edition is worth picking up. The twice as expensive digital deluxe edition only seems to add some pretty crappy DLC to a game that is already kind of struggling quality-wise.

    Disco Elysium for ~22€ -- perhaps not the greatest bargain, but it's the cheapest the game has been so far and quite a fair price for an RPG that has won universal acclaim and so often gets favourably compared to to Planescape Torment.

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    It's usually about 45 and most sales have been meagre. It's a 4X space RTS with a universe that feels a bit like an ant colony. Terrible interface and font though.

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