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Thread: The Great Bargain Deals Thread

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    Days Gone (PC) is currently about $20.49 on Fanatical for the next couple of days.

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    I saw Infra is on sale today, seemingly a very TTLG game. A lot of people here have it already, but if not, it's available for $7.49 for another week or so.

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    I bundled my Steam games and put em on SALE!


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    Itch is releasing a bundle for Abortion Fund given the recent US Supreme Court decision, 700 games for $10.

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    2 bundles actually! There's also one by DreadXP, 169 items, more horror-stuff, and honestly I think it might be the better bundle games-wise.

    The bigger bundle mostly just has games that were in the previous big bundles, but this one's got some neat new stuff I didn't have before. Already played Enigma Machine (highly recommended if you're into stories about AI going crazy), The Space Between (didn't get it), and Fetum Betula (spooky and funny!).

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    I picked up Dragon's Dogma for like $5 and have really been enjoying it so far. Not sure if it's much of a TTLG game but very good.

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    Dragon's Dogma's fantastic, and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only TTLGer who enjoyed it. I'm pretty sure I've used pawns from TTLGers, and they've used mine in turn
    Looking forward to seeing what they do with the new game.

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    Severed Steel is pretty good, and really cheap now

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeshibu View Post
    Severed Steel is pretty good, and really cheap now
    It's confusing when your mind goes to a 26-year-old game :) (Shattered Steel)

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    There are some great bundles at Humble Bundle for a very limited time only. Most of the bundles seem to be repeats from earlier this year (they're called Holiday Encore bundles), but if you haven't regularly checked the site, then you might be able to find some really nice bargains in there. Unlike in their normal bundles, it looks like there are no different tiers this time, but the price range is between 9 and 15 euros, so you'll get a bunch of great games for a price of one really.

    Right now there's a 2K Megahits bundle, Best of Stealth, Fantastic Journeys, Lego games, and Sid Meier's Ultimate Collection.

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    So I just bought the Sid Meier's bundle just for Civ VI, but turns out that I already had it in my collection! I didn't realise that it's listed under S (Sid Meier's Civilization) and not under C. I've also got way too many games, I suppose.

    Anyway, I tried gifting it to a friend of mine who lives in the US, but there's some regional lock or something, so it didn't work. Would someone else (outside the US, or maybe it's Europe only?) want to try their luck with it?

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    Jedi Fallen Order, the Star Wars game that got all Dark Souls'd up, apparently, is 88% off this weekend (a day or so left):

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    Two first Zero Escape escape room VNs are 80% off on Steam bundled up under the name The Nonary Games:

    There's also an option to buy a bigger bundle for an additional 2% off, containing the disappointing, but not bad third game in the trilogy and an additional game separate from the series that's a sci-fi murder mystery.

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