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Thread: Another small crappy mission from me.T2 FM APRIL 2008

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    Another small crappy mission from me.T2 FM APRIL 2008

    This is just a really tiny map that i made because i was getting bored of making my Defense Campaign. I am sill going to finish the Defense missions but im going to have to say it wont be released for quite a while. hopefully you guys will still be taffing around here when it's done.
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    Cool!!! Downloading now!!

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    Cool! Small can still be good. Thanks!
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    I want my SPOON !!!

    It wasn't bad, only one small possible bug If mr. timms is the thief, killing him does not check off the objective. Unless I missed someone??

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    Did you kill him with your Sword or the Energy Bolt trap because that's how I killed him initially, but the game doesn't consider that a kill for you.

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    You're right It was the bolt trap. Got tired of getting my butt kicked in the fight, so ...

    BTW, got it mirrored

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    Thank you! Downloading now!

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    so does the objective work? I tested it twice before i released it and the objective did work

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    Yes, the objective does work if you kill him with the sword. If you use the Bolt Trap it doesn't. I think it's the game itself. When you have no kill objectives you can still use traps and frogbeasts because the game doesn't count that as you killing someone. I would suggest making the objective tied to whether Timms is dead or not. That way it doesn't matter how he dies.

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    played on expert, Mr Timms is no more, got 112 loot and the only reason I went in there was to get my taffin spoon back and now I can't pick it up
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    another high speed mirror:

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    IMO, any FM with such an awesome name should have it visible in the thread title, but that's up to you!

    Mirrored at Southquarter:

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    hm, is this the smallest mission ever? I remember playing a 2 minute-mission years ago but can`t remember it`s name.
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    Cool! Thanks!

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    I'm sad I could not steal my spoon back!

    Time Taken: 5 minutes
    Loot: 100/115
    Pockets Picked: 0/0
    Secrets: 0/0

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