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Thread: Five Tigers: Eye of The Tiger (Update Released April 11, 2008)

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    Five Tigers: Eye of The Tiger (Update Released April 11, 2008)

    Five Tigers: Eye of the Tiger is ready for download.

    The updated version of Five Tigers: Eye of the Tiger is ready for download. Fixes include the objective issues and fire arrow problems discussed below. In addition, I modified one text for clarity and moved one loot item so you can more easily see it.
    In this adventure, you play as Nekosan, a master thief who has been commissioned to steal a set of fabled gemstones known as the Five Tigers. Each stone is held by a different noble family: Eye of the Tiger by the Walkers, Claw of the Tiger by the Evans, Heart of the Tiger by the James, Shadow of the Tiger by the Agees, and Soul of the Tiger by the Boles. Each family has the gemstone locked in a vault which cannot be picked, and the lords keep the only key with them at all times.

    Two nights ago, you boarded the steamship Iron Butterfly and made copies of four of the keys. Along the way, you uncovered some unsavory truths regarding the four lords onboard.

    Tonight you are ready to steal the first gemstone from the Walker Estate. Although most of the servants are off visiting family, Aldred, the estate manager, has kept a large contingent of guards on duty. In addition, Lord Walker has purchased and installed a number of Mechanist devices to protect the grounds.

    After getting over the wall, you need to find the location of the vault and steal the Eye of the Tiger. Sounds simple enough.

    Bug Report (April 10)

    bob_doe_nz discovered two bugs. The full explanation and solution involves spoilers in both cases.

    Objective Check up on Catharine Walker's well-being. does not check off as complete.

    This objective checks off if you either read Aldred's journal or frob Catharine's body. If you do neither and pick up the crumbled note to Aldred, you'll get the goal to drop it on his bedside table, but even on completing that, the objective to check up on her won't be complete. I need to add a couple links on the crumbled note to fix the problem.

    In the short term, you can resolve the problem by reading his journal or frobbing her body.

    Fire arrows fail intermittently.

    This happens after you pick up Father Moore's Holy Gear. I set this to work with a water stim and didn't realize that if you shoot a fire arrow at just the wrong time, you'll be shooting into water. There's no short term solution for this. It just needs to be fixed.

    While confirming these two bugs, I ran across a third involving a bonus objective and secret. Turns out the bonus objective can be undone. The secret still counts toward the total, but when you complete the mission, you won't see the bonus objective listed.

    So three items need fixing. Rather than rush to fix them last night, I decided to sleep on it. I now have a plan and will release a revised version tomorrow morning (April 11), around 8:00 US Central Standard Time.
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    coolies I wondered when this was going to come out.

    nice one catman


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    Cool,thanks Catman!

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    Hehe, Iron Butterfly was one of my favourites! Downloading now and thank you

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    d. Dec 2017
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    Hot dog! Something to play this evening. Thanks Catman

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    Nice! I've been waiting for this sequel. The first one was fun!

    Mirrors here for v1.01:
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    Congrats on the release, Catman!

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    At the Keep:

    EDIT - The Keep is updated with the newer 101 version:
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    "For the Love of the Game"

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    thanks catman, love the starting of the mission

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    downloading... thanks catman

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    Wow - I really liked Iron Butterfly - thank you!!

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    God this Fm while classic is huge, but have to go to bed now :-(

    tomorrow night i shall play on..


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    d. Dec 2017
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    This is huge. I'm having quite a caper with this baby. Love all the art work; those big cats are beautiful, and so is the other art work.

    You've outdone yourself Catman. This is sensational. For those that haven't started it yet, I'm not going to spoil it for you, but you're in for a big treat. Just don't get lost...

    Catman, I need to send you a pm as I am stuck and don't want to give anything away this early. I started it earlier than I thought and have completed most of the objectives.

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    2 hours and I still missed out on almost half the loot and I found only 3 out of 10 secrets!

    A very well done mission, Catman. Looking forward to the next 4 (insanely huge) missions.

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    Wow! Thanks, Catman

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    can't be me, i washed a few days ago

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    Great mission! I am about an hour into the mission and really enjoying it!
    Here is the multi-mirror link at The Circle:

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    Bless you, Catman. Downloading...

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    COOL! thanks Catman

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    Thanks, oh Feline Master!

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    Yahoo, I am one happy aussie, downloading in a tick and cant wait to play.

    Thanks heaps

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    In this adventure, you play as Nekosan

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    never mind me. Found what I'm after.
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