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Thread: Therapy-forum: Tell us the story behind your username

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    Sneaksie Taffersie

    Sorry thought of a name that was thief like and stuff, and i kept being called a taffer, so sneaksie taffersie it became, no copying names not for me, no no no

    The Sneaksiest one

    Founder of the BBTZOE go here now manfool

    And the SFEC go here now manfool

    umm and the SFEBB so go here now manfool

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    My username speaks for itself.

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    My username is the main thief character in the "Thieves World" series of stories edited by Robert Lynn Asprin (they are apparently out of print now) -- the character is a thief character most like Garrett (IMO). Hanse is the character's real name -- he prefers to be called "Shadowspawn" (much cooler ) but when I tried to register it, it had been already taken by someone over on the TEG -- he beat me to it by a month, IIRC. (he chose it for the same reason)

    Anyway, I should point out that even though my user name is male, I am definitely female -- I chose the name 'cuz I liked the character.

    Oh, and my sig is my favorite quote from any of the books...

    " are forgiven of all you may have done up to this day, Hanse. You aren't a quintuple murderer, are you?" asked the prince.
    "I've never killed anyone, Highness," said Hanse.
    "I have! This very night."
    "Pardon, Highness, but killing's the business of them that rule, not thieves...," replied Hanse.

    The thief Hanse... proud member of the SPCB

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    Just look at the top of this thread:

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    If you cant figure out what my nick stems from, you are a dumb @$$. Plain and simple.
    I have lots of other versions of this name also. I am also known as aguywhoplaysnfs, aguy, aguywholikescars, aguywhoplaysunreal, and a few other non 'aguy' related ones.
    I am really bad at making creative names, so this was the result.
    A proud yet humble member of the PATIRASA(post-ATI Rage Pro sufferers association)

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    I come from an old Outer Limits episode.

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    Means "Death Jester"...couldnt think of anything better so...

    "Lets drink to the dead lying under the water /
    and the cost of the blood on the driven snow"

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    I'm an art historian, and Heinrich Wölfflin's Kunstgeschichtliche Grundbegriffe (Principles of Art History) is one of the early, influential books in that discipline.

    Regardless of its meaning, I thought the earthy, unwieldy, medieval/Saxon feel of 'Grundbegriff' would do in fantasy circles. Sounds like some sort of fierce, rusty weapon from long ago, or perhaps a hybrid lion with its flight-feathers clipped.

    Come to think of it, those descriptions also fit the art theory book....



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    Anyone played that old d&d game Hillsfar? Garboshnik was the first of my characters on there (it wasn't intended to refer to the quality of the game at the time..) He narrowly beat his twin Gorbishnik and Zeebledondee the chaotic evil mage for my standard internet name. I still have no idea why I picked that.

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    I bet nobody knows where mine came from!

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    Aardvark was the name of an underground cassette tape that a friend and I created in Minnesota, circa 1988. Filled with strange noises, spoken words and disturbing music, it didn't reach the masses. It does, however, remain in my mind as a fond memory of something done not for money, but for the love of doing it.

    Aardvark is also the beginning of the dictionary, representing the beginning place where all things are possible. I like that metaphor.

    [update: 06.07.01: What a dork. ]

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    Mine's simple. I'm a Goth and I wanted something to reflect that. My name originally started out as something longer but another BB I'm registered on took offense to the latter part of it so I shortened it to Gothik. It would have been just Gothic originally, but I usually find that spelling of it is taken.

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    I worked on a travelling carnival for many years before getting into the job that I do now. I was a games agent. We used to call people in by calling " Hey Chucky" or " Hey Biff" sometimes. It was sort of a name for suckers that we were going to take for money

    ( I've reformed honestly. Now I am just a virtual second story man)

    As a sort of psuedo insult in those days we would call each other "Biff" when I left the carnival I just kept doing it, out of habit, to other buddies. They thought it meant something else, and started calling ME "Biff" as a nickname!

    Now I am stuck being called a sucker by guys who have no idea what the term means. they just think it's my name.

    So that's why Biff. That and Squashed Cat was taken.


    "Good, bad. I'm the guy with the gun." Up with Zuvambies!

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    The story behind my handle is pretty rivetting. My first name is Shawn; my last name is Murphy ... ;^")* ...... ooohh can't you just smell the excitement in the air .. heheh


    Smurph It Down!(tm)

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    It's my name.

    Yes, I know, that's amazing. Every day is a thrill ride with me... spontaneous, unpredictable me, choosing the craziest possible username and stuff like that. You never know, tomorrow I might... write... with a pencil... or something... or even go to the bathroom. Really gets the adrenaline flowing.

    Smurph, I sympathize.

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    I meant to type "KGoodshell", but I missed the 'h'. Woops.


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    I was bullied in school a few years back, because I was ermm.. Well, I seldomly combed my hair in the morning, so It looked like after a bomb. So, they called me "pyryharakka" in my native tonque. It sounds really stupid like that, but liberally translated it sound pretty nice . the 0 instead of a o is because someone had already picked Stormcrow, but I didn't want to part with my name...

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    Ringwraith? Tolkien right? Many of the old timers on this forum are old Tolkien fans as I remember. Don't know about the new people, though I'd assume the same.

    As for Lancer, I was the Commanding Officer of a fighter squadron in an online simulation called Warbirds. The squadron name was the Lancers, and I also went by the name of Banzai before that.


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    Had I known these forums would have sucked me in so completely, I would have tried to come up with something more interesting, or something that really fit my personality. Oh well.

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    WuCong: actually, if u are using chinese hanyu pinyin, the correct spelling chould be WuKong. "c" in hanyu pinyin is more similar to "q" in english.

    btw you chinese?

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    WuCong: actually, if u are using chinese hanyu pinyin, the correct spelling chould be WuKong. "c" in hanyu pinyin is more similar to "q" in english.

    btw you chinese?

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    It was in 1994,I'm studied in middle school then.In toilet couple of cool guys from higher grades smoked marihuana(don't sure this right,we callin' it plan or dur' ),and joked about anybody who came in.They called me Griflo,which means some umpleasant version of my name Grigory(Griflo=stupid Grigory,distrophic Grigory and so on...).Later I'm remembered it,removed 'f' and found this nick very usefull for games(sounds good for many games and short one).

    Sorry for my english:-)
    Vory vsekh stran,obyedenyates'!!!

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    Junkie Doodle

    a) It's a comment on American society.

    Yeah, right..

    b) It's a combination of my two favorite pastimes.


    c) It's what I would have called my band. See the neon lights...?

    d) It's meaningless. I just happen to like the sound of it.

    And no lifelines left..

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    Well... I sat down and thought about a name I could use for all internet stuff...

    And I came up with Yenzarill.
    And no name would be complete without a last name, Nydryxx.

    So I now am Yenzarill Nydryxx. Sometimes I use just Yexx though.

    Well no-one wanted to hear that but I thought I'd explain anyway.

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    Putting this back at the top...

    Surripio ergo sum

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